CBC and TSN Do Well For Game 1’s

From William Houston:

The CBC’s telecast of Game 1 Montreal Canadiens-Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday was watched by 2.776 million viewers.

TSN drew 2.1 million for Game 7 of the Philadelphia Flyers-Boston Bruins on Friday. That was TSN’s largest audience ever for a NHL game not involving a Canadian team.

TSN’s telecast of Game 1 Chicago Blackhawks-San Jose Sharks on Sunday afternoon was watched by 1.225 million. Pre-game show, TSN, 325,000.

3 Responses to CBC and TSN Do Well For Game 1’s

  1. kevin says:

    But will Canadians complain that the series is fixed when the Habs get swept………that is the question

    • Chris S says:

      You must secretly love Canada, that’s all you ever complain about. It’s getting pretty damn annoying.

    • Jeremy says:

      Just for you, kevin, I hope the Habs win the Stanley Cup – and draw the biggest ratings ever on VERSUS and NBC.

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