Announcing “Hockey in the Zeitgeist”, An Occasional Puck the Media Series

We all know hockey to be considered a “cult sport”, enjoyed by a ravenous loyal following a devout fanatics, which in fact affects very little in the rest of the world.  You don’t often see NHL players in mainstream commercials, on American TV sitcoms, or just out there hamming it up with celebrities.

This series seeks to research points in pop culture where hockey reaches the pop cultures pinnacle: On certain occasions throughout history, hockey has been well known in our popular daily lives.  We’ll take a more in depth look at these occasions.

Now, we need a lot of help.  I wasn’t alive for a lot of this stuff happening.  Even if I was, I want to know more from you, the reader about your experience with this happening.  Here are the (for now, you can submit your own suggestions if you like) nine parts that we’ll be taking a look at:

Don Rickles Brings “Hockey Puck” to Insult Comedy
Slap Shot: From Cult Classic to Sports Cinema Institution
Live From New York, It’s The Great One!
Bart vs. Lisa On Ice
Ready For It’s Closeup: FOX Tries to Bring Hockey to the Masses
Miracle on Ice, Part 1: Hockey Gives America Something to Root For
Miracle on Ice, Part 2: A Film Makes America Nostalgic For a Hockey Game
Sarah Palin: “Hockey Mom”
How I Met Your Mother’s Obsession with the Canucks
The Future of Hockey and Pop Culture

The great thing is that we can always add on.  Please help us out, we really want to have our first piece out by Christmas.  E-mail us at for suggestions.

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