End of the Week, Hockey Night in Canada Open Thread and Announcers

7PM, Washington vs. Toronto, CBC Full Network, NHL Net
Play by Play:
Jim Hughson
Color: Craig Simpson
Inside the Glass: Glenn Healy
Reporter: Elliotte Friedman

7PM, Detroit vs. Montreal, CBC Quebec
Play by Play:
Bob Cole
Color: Greg Millen and Guy Carbonneau
Reporter: Cassie Campbell

7PM, Buffalo vs. Ottawa, CBC Ottawa
Play by Play:
Dean Brown
Color: Gary Galley

10PM, Chicago vs. Edmonton, CBC Full Network
Play by Play:
Mark Lee
Color: Kevin Weekes
Reporter: Scott Oake


NHL Network Featured Schedule Next Week

Monday, Nov. 23
NHL Live
4:00 NHL Power Play
6:30 Off the Ice: Rick Nash, Tim Thomas, Victor Hedman
NHL On the Fly

Tuesday, Nov. 24
NHL Live
4:00 NHL Power Play
8:00 NHL On the Fly

Wednesday, Nov. 25
NHL Live
4:00 NHL Power Play
8:00 NHL On the Fly

Thursday, Nov. 26
NHL.com Viewer’s Choice Game
2:00 NHL.com Viewer’s Choice Game
4:00 NHL Power Play
6:00 NHL.com Viewer’s Choice Game
8:00 NHL On the Fly

Friday, Nov. 27
NHL Power Play
8:00 NHL On the Fly
9:30 NCAA Hockey: St. Cloud State vs. Denver
12:00 NHL On the Fly

Saturday, Nov. 28
Hockey Night Pregame
7:00 LIVE: Washington vs. Montreal
9:30 Hockey Night Postgame
10:00 NHL On the Fly

Sunday, Nov. 29
Vintage Games: Los Angeles vs. NY Rangers Outdoors in Las Vegas
7:30 Ivy and Ice: All-Access at the 2009 Winter Classic
8:00 NHL On the Fly

VERSUS-DirecTV Fight Could See End in RSN Battles

John Ourand of SportsBusinessJournal Reports:

Comcast and DirecTV are engaged in a series of RSN carriage battles that potentially could help the Comcast-owned Versus secure a deal with the satellite operator within the next several months.

DirecTV is carrying four of Comcast’s RSNs out of contract. Meanwhile, Comcast’s deals with three Liberty Media RSNs expire at the end of the year, about the same time DirecTV is expected to take control of Liberty’s regional networks.

Given the way cable operators and programmers typically conduct business, it’s not a stretch to believe that Comcast will agree to renew Liberty’s RSNs if DirecTV agrees to carry Versus. But DirecTV can only make a deal like this when it gets control of Liberty’s RSNs, which is expected to happen in the next 30-60 days.

“Any time companies of that size with so many varied parts of business get into discussions, those discussions carry a wide range of issues,” said media consultant Neal Pilson. “Given the degree of skill, experience and expertise executives at Comcast and DirecTV have, I’d be astonished if Versus carriage did not find its way onto the agenda.”

Hoedown Friday!