Strachan Unhappy with Firing

William Houston Reports:

Al Strachan, who was fired from Hockey Night In Canada a few weeks ago, has sent a lawyer’s letter to the CBC stating that he was unfairly dismissed.

Strachan was removed from his spot on the Hotstove panel after the CBC learned that his new book, Why The Leafs Suck, identified him on the cover as “from Hockey Night In Canada.” Permission had not been given to the publisher, Harper Collins, to use the show’s name. Hockey Night markets its own publications and did not want its brand appearing on a competitor’s book. Strachan’s letter states that he was an innocent third party in a dispute between the CBC and Harper Collins.

Canadian readers: Do you think Strachan deserved it?

Well, I Guess We Know What the NHL Network Thinks Is An Exciting Game

As you’ll discover tomorrow, the NHL Network is playing a “Best of 09-10 So Far” marathon on Thanksgiving.  Here are the choices, according to


#1: Oct 6 – PHI 6, WSH 5 (OT)
#2: Oct 8 – PIT 5, PHI 4
#3: Oct 10 – BOS 4, NYI 3 (SO)
#4: Oct 12 – CHI 6, CGY 5 (OT)
#5: Oct 22 – NSH 6, OTT 5 (OT)
#6: Oct 24 – MTL 5, NYR 4 (OT)
#7: Oct 27 – DET 5, VAN 4
Anybody else notice a pattern?  We’re there no exciting 1-0 or even 2-1 games this season?  The fact is, the lowest scoring total of any of these is 7.  At least I can remember most of these as being tolerable.


90’s Game Show Thursday