Hockey Broadcasters Mostly Avoiding Twitter

I can log onto Twitter on most days and communicate with some great and interesting people in ways I’d never been able to.  I can say hello to MLB Network host Victor Rojas, Seattle Mariners/VERSUS UFL play-by-play man Dave Sims, SNY New York Mets reporter Kevin Burkhardt, and many others among the ranks of the broadcasting elite.  It’s fun to talk to people in an industry that you have aspiration towards.

However, the same can’t be said for most hockey broadcasters, who have not yet gotten hip to the Twitter game.  To my knowledge, there are only three NHL broadcasters active on the social networking extravaganza.  We can’t really count guys like Elliote Friedman and Jeff Marek and Charissa Thompson, who are reporters, as well as Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger, who are in the business of breaking news.  So let’s use this post as the impetus to encourage them.  We’ll update this list throughout the year.  Here’s who we have so far:

UPDATE: We already have our first additions, courtesy of the grand Oakes gentleman at Preds on the Glass.

One Response to Hockey Broadcasters Mostly Avoiding Twitter

  1. Tim says:

    So @StanFischler probably doesn’t count according to your criteria, but what about Steve Cangialosi (@CangyManMSG)?

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