Devils/Panthers Scores Solid Viewership Again

Folks can cry all they want about Devils/Panthers being a dull series with few storylines that nobody wants to see, but as long as the South Florida market is able to tune in on NBC Sports Network, the series has been doing pretty good business.

Tuesday’s overtime-settled Game 6 of New Jersey and Florida’s Eastern Conferencce Quarterfinal series drew 763,000 viewers on NBCSN. While that’s down 5,000 viewers from the only previous telecast of this series that wasn’t on NHL Network (Game 2), it still marks the ninth-most watched game of the playoffs so far on the cable networks. The game – like game two – aired exclusively on NBC Sports Network in the Miami/South Florida market.

Devils/Panthers Game 7 will air tonight, with the first half on NHL Network, and NBCSN picking it up after the conclusion of Senators/Rangers Game 7.

Top 10 Most-watched Games of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Cable

1. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 5 (4/20/12, NBCSN): 1.07 million
2. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Game 4 (4/18/12, NBCSN): 1.03 million
3. NY Rangers vs. Ottawa, Game 6 (4/23/12, NBCSN): 861,000
4. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 1 (4/11/12, NBCSN):
5. Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 5 (4/22/12, NBCSN): 817,000
6. Boston vs. Washington, Game 3 (4/16/12, NBCSN): 804,000
7. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 2 (4/13/12, NBCSN): 795,000
8. New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 2 (4/15/12, NBCSN): 768,000
9. Florida vs. New Jersey, Game 7 (4/24/12, NBCSN): 763,000
10. Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 4 (4/18/12, NBCSN):

(Source: @TVSportsratings)


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