Caps Set Series Record with High-Rated Game 7

From Dan Steinberg over at The DC Sports Bog:

I figured Wednesday night’s Game 7 would finish as the highest-rated Caps game in Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic history.

I was wrong, but only just. The game earned an 8.01 rating in the Washington market, according to Nielsen overnights, making it second only to the 8.10 rating during Game 7 against Montreal in 2010. Those are the only two Caps games with ratings of higher than 6.20 on CSN.

In any case, the series finished as the highest-rated Caps playoff series in network history, with an average household rating in the Washington market of 5.90. (That’s just for the four games on CSN; three of the seven games were broadcast by NBC.) The previous high was last year’s Rangers series, which averaged a 5.72.

Also, Game 7 was the all-time most-watched CSN Caps game in Baltimore, earning an average household rating of 3.72.


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One Response to Caps Set Series Record with High-Rated Game 7

  1. bomber says:

    Where are the national and boston area ratings.

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