NBCSN Up Again On Night Three as Kings/Canucks Sees a Spike in Viewership

Hollywood’s hockey club upsetting the reigning Western Conference champions added to NBC Sports Network’s ratings increase, while the Keystone State massacre continued to draw big numbers.

Friday night’s Stanley Cup Playoff doubleheader on NBC Sports Network averaged 708,000 viewers, up 18% from the year-ago doubleheader, which averaged 584,000 on April 15, 2011.

The early game, the second of the best-of-seven between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, drew 795,000 viewers. While this was down 7% from Game 1 on Wednesday, it was up 24% from the comparable early game last year (NYR/WSH, Game 2: 606,000). Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have (up until press time) drawn the two most-watched games on NBCSN so far this post-season, as well as the most-watched on NBC for Game 3.

Game two between the Kings and Canucks saw a spike in viewership. The Kings second straight win scored 622,000 viewers. This was up 25% from Game 1 of the series on Wednesday, and up 10% from last year’s comparable game (CHI/VAN, Game 2: 562,000).

CNBC’s numbers for their Detroit/Nashville broadcast are unavailable as of now but will be updated as soon as I get them.

(Source: Son of the Bronx)

Top 5 Stanley Cup Playoff Broadcasts on Cable, Through 4/13/12
1. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 1 (4/11/12, NBCSN):
2. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 2 (4/13/12, NBCSN): 795,000
3. Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 2 (4/13/12, NBCSN): 622,000
4. Washington vs. Boston, Game 1 (4/12/12, NBCSN): 576,000
5. Chicago vs. Phoenix, Game 1 (4/12/12, NBCSN): 499,000


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