TSN Also Up Big with Playoff Coverage

Toronto, ON (April 16, 2012) – The 2012 STANLEY CUP® PLAYOFFS are delivering strong audiences for TSN according to preliminary data from BBM Canada. Through the opening eight games, STANLEY CUP® PLAYOFFS audiences on TSN are averaging nearly one million viewers (991,000) – up 56% compared to the same time period last season.

Overall, 9.68 million Canadians have tuned in to watch some or all of the 2012 STANLEY CUP® PLAYOFFS on TSN.

The Penguins-Flyers series has been the most-watched series on TSN, recording average audiences of more than 1.4 million viewers for the series to date.

Last night’s Game 3: Florida-New Jersey attracted an audience of 1.14 million viewers on TSN.

NHL playoff action continues on TSN with complete coverage of the Pittsburgh-Philadelphia, St. Louis-San Jose, Florida-New Jersey and Phoenix-Chicago series.

2 Responses to TSN Also Up Big with Playoff Coverage

  1. eddie says:

    Florida/Jersey got over a mill! We’re a hockey crazed nation.

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