Here’s What’s Happening on Playoff Schedule Release Day

Good morning, and Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those celebrating those holidays this Sunday. Enjoy having those things you arbitrarily stopped having for the past 40 days and 40 nights. I’ll be in and out of touch with family stuff today, but the plan is to get all the information you need.

Today, I’ll be posting press releases from the networks when they show up, as well as following the NHL Network’s Schedule Release special. The second I get the full information on the TV schedule, I will post it here. The annual super-schedule will likely be held for tonight.

I’ve heard conflicting information about the US TV schedule. I’ve been told by at least 1 person at NBC that it’ll be released by tonight at latest, while I’ve also gotten the indication that the schedule release special on NHL Network and will release full TV info. Of course, I’ll also be following how CBC and TSN divide up the games as well.

It should be a fun day, and I hope you’ll spend it clicking around Puck the Media. Once again, happy holidays and thank you for reading.

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