Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 TV Super Schedule

April 11
7:30 Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 1 (NBCSN/TSN)
Detroit vs. Nashville, Game 1 (CNBC/CBC)
10:30 Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 1 (NBCSN/CBC) 

April 12
7:00 Ottawa vs. NY Rangers, Game 1 (NHL Network/CBC)
 Washington vs. Boston, Game 1 (NBCSN/CHEX)
7:30 San Jose vs. St. Louis, Game 1 (CNBC/TSN)
10:00 Chicago vs. Phoenix, Game 1 (NBCSN/TSN)

April 13
New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 1 (NHL Network/TSN2)
Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 2 (NBCSN/TSN)
Detroit vs. Nashville, Game 2 (CNBC/CBC)
10:00 Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 2 (NBCSN/CBC) 

April 14
Washington vs. Boston, Game 2 (NBC/CBC)
 Ottawa vs. NY Rangers, Game 2 (NBCSN/CBC)
 San Jose vs. St. Louis, Game 2 (CNBC/TSN)
10:00 Chicago vs. Phoenix, Game 2 (NBCSN/TSN)

April 15
 Nashville vs. Detroit, Game 3 (NBC/CBC)
3:00 Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Game 3 (NBC/TSN)
7:30 New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 2 (NBCSN/TSN)
10:30 Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 3 (NBCSN/CBC)

April 16
Boston vs. Washington, Game 3 (NBCSN/CHEX)
NY Rangers vs. Ottawa, Game 3 (CNBC/CBC)
 St. Louis vs. San Jose, Game 3 (NBCSN/TSN) 

April 17
 Florida vs. New Jersey, Game 3 (NHL Network/TSN)
Nashville vs. Detroit, Game 4 (NBCSN/CBC)
9:00 Phoenix vs. Chicago, Game 3 (CNBC/TSN)  

April 18
7:30 NY Rangers vs. Ottawa, Game 4 (CNBC/CBC)
 Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Game 4 (NBCSN/TSN)
10:00 Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 4 (NBCSN/CBC)

April 19
Florida vs. New Jersey, Game 4 (NHL Net/TSN2)
 Boston vs. Washington, Game 4 (NBCSN/CBC)
8:00 Phoenix vs. Chicago, Game 4 (CNBC/TSN)
10:30 St. Louis vs. San Jose, Game 4 (NBCSN/TSN)

April 20
 Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 5 (NBCSN/TSN)
8:00 Detroit vs. Nashville, Game 5 (CNBC/CBC)

April 21
Washington vs. Boston, Game 5 (NBC/CBC)
New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 5 (NHL Net/TSN2)
Ottawa vs. NY Rangers, Game 5 (NBCSN/CBC)
 San Jose vs. St. Louis, Game 5 (CNBC/TSN)
10:00 Chicago vs. Phoenix, Game 5 (NBCSN/TSN)

April 22
 Nashville vs. Detroit, Game 6 (TBD/CBC)
TBD Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 5 (TBD/CBC)
 Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Game 6 (TBD/TSN)
TBD Boston vs. Washington, Game 6 (TBD/CBC) 

April 23
 NY Rangers vs. Ottawa, Game 6 (TBD/CBC)
TBD St. Louis vs. San Jose, Game 6 (TBD/TSN)
TBD Phoenix vs. Chicago, Game 6 (TBD/TSN)

April 24
TBD Detroit vs. Nashville, Game 7 (TBD/CBC)
 Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 6 (TBD/CBC)
TBD Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 7 (TBD/TSN)
TBD Florida vs. New Jersey, Game 6 (TBD/TSN)

April 25
TBD Washington vs. Boston, Game 7 (TBD/CBC)
 San Jose vs. St. Louis, Game 7 (TBD/TSN)
TBD Chicago vs. Phoenix, Game 7 (TBD/TSN)

April 26
 Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 7 (TBD/CBC)
TBD New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 7 (TBD/TSN)
TBD Ottawa vs. NY Rangers, Game 7 (TBD/CBC) 


11 Responses to Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 TV Super Schedule

  1. Stu Dolgon says:

    Besides Emrick and Strader, who do we expect will handle NBC play-by-play on the eight series? Peckham, Forslund, Ahlers, Strangis, Rimer, Haynes, among those available.

    • Forslund has confirmed, I believe. I’d think Peckham and Ahlers for sure. Daniels and Albert will probably be available to do a couple games each. Those 7 should be able to do most of the games.

      I’m more interested in the analysts. Obviously Pierre and Engblom will do a lot of games. Daryl Reaugh too, probably. Then I guess maybe Billy Jaffe, Peter McNabb and/or Darren Eliot? Olczyk, Brickley and Pang will be available for some games.

  2. Leafsfan1967 says:

    Are the NBC sports group putting their own crews on the series with Canadian teams or will they pick up CBC feeds?

  3. Jkrdevil says:

    The question is NBC producing the games for NHL Network, or is it just going to take a local feed with NHLN graphics

  4. stevelepore says:

    Looks like NHL Net is picking up feeds. Still unknown on NBC’s commitment. Know Emrick, Strader and Forslund are definitely working.

    • dyhrdmet says:

      Are NBC SportsNet and CNBC going to produce each game their air with NBC announcers, or will some feeds come from CBC, TSN, and the Comcast SportsNet affiliates?

  5. dyhrdmet says:

    better questions – any reason why the Devils-Panthers series starts Friday, the last series to start, and why is the first round schedule going 16 days/nights? I thought 14 or 15 was standard.

  6. The 1st round is scheduled to last 1 day longer than usual. It may simply be to spread out game 7s a bit more. Last year there were two at the same time. Also, there are a lot of arena conflicts (especially in the VAN-LA series). They probably also tried to avoid conflicts so as many games could air on CBC/TSN/NBC SN/CNBC as possible, as less so on NHL Network, CHEX and TSN2.

    No idea on the Friday start, but I think the NHL did something similar a couple seasons ago.

  7. I would think the NBC Group would have 4 crews max, so that leaves 4 series that will be pickups. Figure the two Canadian series plus FLA/NJD and one other one for local feed simulcasts.

    Though the Canucks are on NBCSN at least for the first four games. Still, let’s hope they are smart enough to let us see Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson.

  8. A Moose says:

    Well alot has to do with building availabilty. Having the NBA crush up thier schedule and other events ( WWE, etc) as well.

    The reason for the extra day off in Flyers/Pens is due to the Sixers having a game at the WFC

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