BREAKING: NBC Hits a Possible All-Time Low With Rangers-Bruins

Perhaps we can all look back on this and call the Rangers the weak link in those playoff ratings last year, not the Capitals.

NBC drew a stunningly low 0.7 overnight rating for coverage of the New York Rangers-Boston Bruins tilt on Sunday, according to Sports Business Daily (reg. required).  The only known lower overnight rating is an 0.6 for Detroit-Columbus game during the old regional days in 2007.  It is easily the lowest this season, below an 0.8 for Detroit/Chicago.

This is also NBC’s worst performance against the NCAA Tournament, which it usually doesn’t do terribly against.  The Penguins/Flyers game in the comparable week drew a 1.0 overnight.  So, down across the board for The NHL On NBC after a lot of weeks of positive news.


7 Responses to BREAKING: NBC Hits a Possible All-Time Low With Rangers-Bruins

  1. Colton says:

    Two boring teams that played defensive hockey. Only the locals would watch that car wreck.

    What a horrific matchup. This isn’t the 70’s Bruins against the 90’s Rangers.

  2. Mike in Idaho says:

    I think it’s already gone, but the notion that the Rangers need to be in the playoffs for good ratings to happen should be banished for good.

  3. Chris S says:

    The game was on TSN here, It will be interesting to see what they got.

  4. kevin says:

    Two worst teams so far this year vs the NCAA tournament. Even the NBA was smart enough not to bother with a game on ABC this weekend. Honestly, everyone in NY has given up on the Rangers and the same can be said for Boston. No one cares about 8th place………

  5. kevin says:

    Another thing worth mentioning…they could put the Pens or Wings on every week and get a better rating but isn’t it mostly the same eyeballs watching in that case? I’m sure there were people in the Boston and New York markets watching this game that probably don’t give a bleep about the Pens or Wings. If you are a national advertiser with the NHL you are probably happy that you reached these people even though the ratings aren’t what they could have been. At least you reached some potential new customers…..

  6. Chris says:

    the game was terribly boring

  7. James says:

    Haters apparently can’t back up their words. We have to hear from you constantly about how you’re sick of seeing the Pens or Wings on national TV, and that you’d like to see other teams on Sunday afternoons, but now you have two other teams playing on national TV, and obviously you didn’t watch.

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