Open Thread For Day 2 of Hockey… Kwanza?

Finland vs. Belarus, 3PM, MSNBC

Women: Canada vs. Sweden, 5:30 PM, MSNBC

Sweden vs. Germany, 7:30PM, CNBC

Women: Switzerland vs. Slovakia, 10:00 PM, CNBC

Czech Republic vs. Slovakia, Midnight, CNBC

11 Responses to Open Thread For Day 2 of Hockey… Kwanza?

  1. Chris Wassel says:

    The late night games kill me but hey….for the Olympics…its worth it!

  2. Chris says:

    I tried hard to stay up last night for the Russia/Latvia game (I wake up at 7am), but fell asleep after the 2nd period. I don’t think I’ll make it tonight either.

  3. DyHrdMET says:

    that’s the shame of this great tournament is that it’s on so late for those of us in the east.

  4. Colton says:

    What they should have done is have hockey at GM Place and the Pacific Colliseum and put the figure skating and short track at a new building.

    That way, you can have two games at each venue everyday and not have the midnight games.

    • Josh says:

      They do have two hockey venues: GM Place and UBC Thunderbird Arena, which is mostly being used for women’s games.

      But really, a city the size of Vancouver does not need that many large arenas. Building a whole new venue at great cost just so that people in the east would be able to watch hockey at times convenient for them makes no sense whatsoever. And besides, even with the way it’s setup now, the networks are still catering to the east coast. For Pete’s sake: the Team Canada games are at 4:30 local time, at CTV’s request. It’s utter nonsense that even people in Vancouver who work 9-5 will miss out on the first period of those games.

    • DyHrdMET says:

      venues are not a problem. winter olympics requires a number of icy places, and they seem to have it (zambonis at speed skating aside).

  5. E says:

    NBC should put the US games on at midnight. At least they could get some network exposure even if it is late night.

    • Josh says:

      Now, I find that to be an interesting idea.

      Do you mean they should rerun the games at midnight on NBC, or they should have requested the US games to be in that midnight timeslot?

      • Sean says:

        That’s a great idea. I have NO idea why NBC has stipulated that every US hockey game, including the medal round, must start at noon (3pm in the east.) I understand Canada gets the prime 730pm spot…but I’d much rather see the US at midnight than miss all of their games because of this stupid thing called WORK.

        Also, if the Euro teams had the US slot of 3pm eastern…that’s the tail end of primetime over in Europe. Whereas the game starting at midnight is like 8am in Europe. Weird scheduling all around.

    • DyHrdMET says:

      A midnight start time for Team USA is crazy. Canadian TV controls the schedule, so Team Canada gets the 7:30pm ET start. Unfortunately, Canada and USA play on the same days, so Team USA can’t get the 7:30pm faceoff on the alternate days from Team Canada. They’re going to work with NBC for the next best time, considering 3 games in the same arena each day, and NBC is going to get more eyeballs at 3pm ET compared with 12am ET. That’s just the way it is. Start times from I think the semifinals on fall out of this rule because it’s only 2 games or less.

      There should be replays in the morning, say 6am ET or 7am ET on Universal HD.

  6. DyHrdMET says:

    oh, not playing guess the announcers today?

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