NBC Is The Network That Airs The Stanley Cup Finals.

Prepare for the rant of a thousand rants tomorrow.  11 AM.  Be there.

9 Responses to NBC Is The Network That Airs The Stanley Cup Finals.

  1. Tim says:

    I like curling. This statement will probably get me banned from the blog. 😀

    • nosferatu says:

      I came into these Olympics really ready to give curling a chance and enjoy it because it is so odd and quirky. But now, when staring at these guys sweeping in front of their rocks, extending their match to yet ANOTHER inning/round/whatever, I want to scream and put a rock of my own through the TV set.

      But that would just punish me. A rock through a window at 30 Rock would be much better.

  2. DyHrdMET says:

    now let’s be completely accurate – NBC only airs games 3 through 7 (5, 6, and 7 if necessary) of the Stanley Cup Finals.

    and Curling is a fun sport to watch and think about strategy. I’m glad NBC stepped up their coverage to 2 or 3 live matches each day instead of 1 taped one. I also don’t consider Curling a cause for our rants about the hockey on NBC (even with tonight’s match going extra ends). It’s all NBC’s fault.

    Maybe over the next 10 days we can play the game of what the Olympic hockey coverage would look and sound like if CBS, FOX, and ABC each had this Olympics, with respective cable outlets/partners.

  3. leafsfan1967 says:

    >>I also don’t consider Curling a cause for our rants about the hockey on NBC

    This is true. Curling is fun to watch, but not when people want to watch hockey. NBC messed up on the Sweden Germany game again tonight and unline last night the Olympic website did not have the TSN/CTV just raw video without commentary. I fear tomorrow night that those of us who want to watch Team Canada will be shafted yet again.

    • DyHrdMET says:

      I think I figured out NBC’s pattern for streaming the Hockey – use their own feed if they show the game in its entirety (the first men’s game and all the women’s games in the round robin, just how it works out), then go to CTV/TSN/SNET’s feed if they show the game in its entirety (which they didn’t for last night’s 7:30pm ET game because of the Team Canada women’s postgame show), and then fall back on the announcer-less feed.

      So for the Team Canada games (except against the US), we should get the CTV feed.

      NBC should take the responsible step to ensure that Curling, Men’s Hockey, and Women’s Hockey fans are satisfied by using 3 cable channels to accommodate the coverage (even if they have to switch us during an intermission in Hockey).

  4. Argylean says:

    NBC is failing miserably at televising the Olympics, including its many gaffes with airing the hockey games. Inexcusable.

  5. Chris says:

    This is the network that chose Jay Leno over Conan O’Brien. No surprise. I feel for you guys in the USA. It boggles my mind that NBC even still has Olympic rights. What kind of network shows the Olympics completely tape delayed in half of their country? You guys would no doubt get better coverage with ABC and the ESPNs, or FOX and FSN. I feel very fortunate that I’ve had complete full-day live coverage from CBC over the years, and CTV this year.

  6. nosferatu says:

    Hooray. Only missed the first five minutes of the Czech Republic-Slovakia game (the best game of the first two days of action) here at midnight. Because I REALLY wanted to see the end of that Switzerland-Slovakia women’s hockey match.

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