NBC Enters Season 5

Can you believe this is the fifth season The NHL On NBC has existed?  Do you realize how many shows have been cancelled by NBC since hockey premiered on it’s airwaves on January 14, 2006?

The Answer: 57.  Fifty-seven.  57 shows have gone to their graves while the National Hockey League has been allowed to stay.  Technically, it’s one of the network’s longest running series.

When you think about it, hockey has been around on NBC for a while.  But this, again, could be the last time we as hockey fans hear of it.  There are rumors that the NHL wants a rights package built around the Winter Classic, but then again that could wait until the season after next.  So we might get another season of NBC, but who knows with the NHL on TV these days?

Anyway, NBC returns this Sunday, and there’s little new or of interest to say.  It’s the same teams, announcers and production as last year.  No innovations to our knowledge.  I implore that they bring Darren Pang back to do something.  However, you all know how important a network television reach is to the NHL, so give it a shot this Sunday.  Unless you’re boycotting the network for Conan, I totally get that.

One Response to NBC Enters Season 5

  1. Rindu Muncie says:

    How many of those years have been the single national game of the week instead of regional games? I’m thinking it’s four out of those five.

    I ask because then we can discuss how long teams like the Sharks haven’t been on NBC regular season broadcasts.

    Before you say anything about ratings or 10:00am start times for PST viewers, consider this: In the NFL, if the Raiders go 16-0, they’l get a crapload of SNF and MNF appearances. That goes for any team in the league.

    The Sharks (and many other teams) COULD WIN 5 CUPS IN A ROW and never get an NBC regular season appearance, let alone a Winter Classic.

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