Have a Good Weekend, Here’s Your HNIC Open Thread and Announcers

Ottawa vs. Montreal, 7PM, CBC Full Network/NHL Network
Play by Play:
Bob Cole
Color: Gary Galley and Guy Carbonneau
Reporter: Elliot Friedman

Pittsburgh vs. Vancouver, 10PM, CBC Full Network
Play by Play:
Jim Hughson
Color: Craig Simpson and Glenn Healy
Reporter: Scott Oake

7 Responses to Have a Good Weekend, Here’s Your HNIC Open Thread and Announcers

  1. Chris says:

    This truly grinds my gears. I’m a Habs fan, and Jim Hughson is my favourite announcer. Is it so hard for CBC to let him call a Habs game here and there? When the apple of CBC’s eye isn’t playing, they send him to the West and we get stuck with, oh surprise! Bob Cole. Same old, same old, CBC. Maybe once, it’d be nice if we could get the #1 announcing team for a game where we don’t play the Leafs. Sorry for the rant.

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    I understand your rant Chris, but the fact that Jim Hughson is doing the late game may have more to do with the fact that he lives in the Vancouver area and this arrangement gives him a chance to spend a bit more time at home. It also saves the CBC on travel costs.

    • Josh says:

      Well, then maybe they ought to have him call Canucks and Flames games all season long then. You know, to save on travel costs and have their number one guy doing games that actually matter.

      • leafsfan1967 says:

        It could be argued that the Vancouver Pens game, was the number one game on Saturday… 🙂 I’m just sayin… 🙂

  3. Josh says:

    @ leafsfan: Hey – I agree! I wrote that in the comments on last week’s HNIC ratings post that it would be really interesting to see whether Habs-Sens or ‘nucks-Pens would draw higher!

    I get that, because Canucks-Pens is a marquee game. I just wish we didn’t have Leafs-whoever presented across the country week after week, as though it’s some sort of big deal!

  4. Terry Pickering says:

    I’ve always liked Ron McLean because he puts up with so much crap from Don Cherry. I wish Don had been on the Burrows segment on Sat instead of wishy washy Colin – then Don could have told him to ‘shut up!!!’ What a one sided piece of journalistic nonsense. It sounded like King Betteman (sp)had CBC’s ear and Ron was the mouthpiece. Considering the phantom calls on Burrows and at what time during the game, maybe Ron McLean should be looking into whether or not Auger is/was betting on NHL hockey games. I coached AAA hockey for 10 years and I’ve seen a lot from referees – the good the bad and the ugly. But a one sided vilification of a pretty good hockey player – who by the way has scored more goals than the entire Calgary Flames hockey team over the last 5-7 games – has taken my opinion of Ron McLean from a good 8 down to a 3. If you want to be considered anything close to an impartial announcer lets hear the other side by giving Auger his due criticism. If the NHL will not allow it’s officials to be criticized they shut the hell up about the players and find something else to say that is somewhat worthwhile. And by the way, I am a Detroit Red Wings fan not a Canucks fan.

  5. Josh says:

    One other thing about this: Guy Carbonneau has got to go. He’s not all that insightful (which is forgiveable – many analysts are hit or miss), but it’s his grasp of the English language and his halting style of speaking it (while he tries to find the words) that are rough.

    Frankly, we’d never see an anglophone analyst or play-by-play man with a comparable level of French broadcasting on RDS. There’s a double-standard at play here.

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