Following Markets to Miss Detroit/Pittsburgh Because of Evil Satan Robot

Because of Pat Robertson’s annual telethon (I guess it’s annual) some markets will miss the Penguins/Red Wings game on NBC Sunday.  Those markets are:

WAVY 10 Norfolk
WBRE 28 Scranton
WDTN 2 Dayton
WVVA 6 Beckley-Bluefield
WSMV 4 Nashville
WVTM 13 Birmingham
KKCO 11 Grand Junction

Thanks to Tony from The Confluence for the info.  Let me know via e-mail or comments if there are supplemental plans to show the game in these markets, perhaps on digital channels somewhere.  If not, well, this is pretty bad to see 1 NHL market and the AHL market of one of the teams playing (including Dayton, OH, which likely has some Penguins followers) not carry the game.  We’ll see.