Hockey Night Audience Shrink a Tiny Bit This Weekend

William Houston does his thing:

The CBC’s audience of 1.808 million for the 7 p.m. ET Hockey Night in Canada game represented a drop of about 150,000 viewers, mainly because the network aired just one broadcast, Calgary Flames-Toronto Maple Leafs, compared to three on the previous weekend – one national and two regional broadcasts. Prime time curling on TSN also would have set into the hockey audience.

The CBC Saturday afternoon game, New York Rangers-Ottawa Senators, was watched by 579,000. The second game of the evening doubleheader, Vancouver Canucks-Colorado Avalanche, drew 876,000.

The 6:30 p.m. ET pre-game, Scotiabank Hockey Tonight, continues to do very well. It pulled in 632,000.

After the jump, HNIC’s season-to-date numbers.

Thursday, Oct. 1
Montreal vs. Toronto 2.542 Million
10:00 Vancouver vs. Calgary 1.371 Million
Average: 1,956,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 3
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 628,000
TOR vs. WSH OR MTL vs. BUF OR OTT vs. NYR 1.74 Million
Calgary vs. Edmonton 1.153 Million
Game Average: 1,446,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 10
HNIC Pre-Game 447,000
7:00 Pittsburgh vs. Toronto 1.686 Million
10:00 Montreal vs. Edmonton 1.004 Million
Game Average: 1,345,000 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 17
HNIC Pre-Game N/A
7:00 NYR vs. TOR OR OTT vs. MTL 1.718 Million
10:00 Minnesota vs. Vancouver 986,000
Game Average: 1,352,000 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 24
HNIC Pre-Game 507,000 Viewers
7:00 TOR vs. VAN OR BOS vs. OTT OR NYR vs. MTL 2.306 Million
10:00 Edmonton vs. Calgary 1.119 Million
Game Average: 1,712,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 31
HNIC Pre-Game 781,000 Viewers
7:00 Toronto vs. Montreal 2.453 Million
Detroit vs. Calgary 809,000 Viewers
12:30 After Hours 222,000 Viewers
Game Average: 1.631 Million

Saturday, Nov. 7
HNIC Pre-Game 1.014 Million
7:00 DET vs. TOR OR NJ vs. OTT OR TB vs. MTL 1.964 Million
10:00 NY Rangers vs. Calgary 877,000 Viewers
Game Average: 1,420,500 Viewers

Saturday, Nov. 14
2:00 NYR vs. OTT 579,000 Viewers
HNIC Pre-Game 632,000 viewers
7:00 Calgary vs. Toronto 1.808 Million
Vancouver vs. Colorado 876,000 Viewers
Game Average (Primetime): 1.342 Million

Through 6 Weeks and 7 telecasts:

7PM Game Average: 2,027,125 Viewers
10PM Game Average: 1,044,914 Viewers
HNIC Season-to-Date Average: 1,525,750 Viewers

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