HNIC Continues to Draw Ridiculous Audiences

We’ll update our season-long HNIC ratings watch for this.  Here are the numbers for this Saturday, from William Houston:

Hockey Night drew 2.453 million for Toronto Maple Leafs-Montreal Canadiens, matching the Oct. 24 audience for Leafs-Vancouver Canucks.

That’s a jump of about one million viewers per game over last year’s average, a remarkable increase that’s attributable to a measuring system that seems to be more accurate.

Respondents carry a devise called the Portable People Meter which takes into account groups watching a TV show. The 7 p.m. game is clearly watched by groups.

Hockey Night’s second game (Detroit Red Wings-Calgary Flames) was watched by 809,000, about the same as last year’s average.

The 6:30 p.m. ET pre-game show drew 781,000. After Hours was watched by 222,000.

Regionally, Sportsnet Ontario pulled in 692,000 for Leafs-Buffalo Sabres on Friday night. Sportsnet Pacific had 345,000 for Vancouver Canucks-Anaheim Ducks.

Strange that even a struggling Red Wings team wouldn’t draw much of an audience to CBC.  Still, good news for hockey on Canada’s public broadcaster.

After the jump, read all the ratings we have for CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada this season.

Thursday, Oct. 1
Montreal vs. Toronto 2.542 Million
10:00 Vancouver vs. Calgary 1.371 Million
Average: 1,956,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 3
6:30 HNIC Pre-Game 628,000
TOR vs. WSH OR MTL vs. BUF OR OTT vs. NYR 1.74 Million
Calgary vs. Edmonton 1.153 Million
Game Average: 1,446,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 10
HNIC Pre-Game 447,000
7:00 Pittsburgh vs. Toronto 1.686 Million
10:00 Montreal vs. Edmonton 1.004 Million
Game Average: 1,345,000 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 17
HNIC Pre-Game N/A
7:00 NYR vs. TOR OR OTT vs. MTL 1.718 Million
10:00 Minnesota vs. Vancouver 986,000
Game Average: 1,352,000 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 24
HNIC Pre-Game 507,000 Viewers
7:00 TOR vs. VAN OR BOS vs. OTT OR NYR vs. MTL 2.306 Million
10:00 Edmonton vs. Calgary 1.119 Million
Game Average: 1,712,500 Viewers

Saturday, Oct. 31
HNIC Pre-Game 781,000 Viewers
7:00 Toronto vs. Montreal 2.453 Million
Detroit vs. Calgary 809,000 Viewers
12:30 After Hours 222,000 Viewers
Game Average: 1.631 Million

Through 4 Weeks:

7PM Game Average: 2,074,166 Viewers
10PM Game Average: 1,073,666 Viewers
HNIC Season-to-Date Average: 1,573,916 Viewers


2 Responses to HNIC Continues to Draw Ridiculous Audiences

  1. JoeyJoeJoe Shabadoo says:

    I’m sure the low second game ratings have to do with the fact that the Calgary Stampeders CFL team was playing at the same time in a game with playoff implications against the BC Lions that they won with a last second field goal.

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