New on Puck the Media: The Hockey Ratings Database

I’m sure you’ve noticed, readers, that after every NHL on NBC ratings post, I complete it with the numbers NBC’s drawn since around 2009. Well, with the help of Sports Business Daily and their immense, wonderful archives (seriously, thank you forever SBD), I was able to track down more NHL numbers, not only to the beginning of NBC’s coverage in 2006, but fairly consistently back to 1998-99, when FOX had the NHL rights.

I’ve compiled all the numbers in a handy little page you can find at the top of your screen – called The Hockey Ratings Database. It will be ever-evolving (we’ll get Stanley Cups and numbers further into the past up there eventually) and added to for as long as hockey is on network television. Please check it out if you ever need it for research, or just your own entertainment. Thanks, as always, for reading Puck the Media.


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