The 2011-12 NHL Television Schedule Is …

Here. Press releases, superschedule and team-by-team schedule and commentary coming shortly.

7 Responses to The 2011-12 NHL Television Schedule Is …

  1. Ryan says:

    I guess it’s because of the short notice of the move and Canadians not really wanting to watch Florida and Carolina all the time, but Winnipeg *really* gets short shrift on TSN (and on CBC, you can count the number of games likely to be shown outside the Prairies on one hand).

    • Chris S says:

      Actually, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the number of appearances on TSN for the Canadian teams were set in stone in their contract. The Winnipeg Jets on paper are still essencially the Atlanta Thrashers.

      • Josh says:

        You think so? I dunno – I don’t think TSN would have been airing Atlanta @ Chicago (Oct. 13), Boston @ Atlanta (Feb. 17) or NY Rangers @ Atlanta (Mar. 28).

      • Ryan says:

        That would make perfect sense, especially given that this would ordinarily be the best year to go full bore on the Jets for a Canadian network.

    • Josh says:

      That’s really nothing new though – at least for HNIC. The only time Ottawa or Montreal HNIC games go further west than Peterborough is when they are in a weird (afternoon) timeslot and thus are the only game on or when they’re playing another Canadian club. Even Ottawa v. Montreal doesn’t usually go anywhere other than Quebec, the Ottawa Valley and sometimes the Atlantic provinces.

      Winnipeg only appearing on TSN 6 times (and no games *from* Winnipeg until February!) really does surprise me though.

  2. kevin says:

    Seems like NBC took all the top games for the weekend flex schedules. Versus has alot a mediocre matchups Mon – Tues. Don’t like it……….

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