Most Frequently Shown Match-ups on US Network Television, 1994-2012

I’ve always wanted to compile this list. Since 1992, the National Hockey League has aired a package of regular season games on various American over-the-air networks (ABC, Fox and NBC). The following list displays the most frequent of those match-ups, starting with the first available schedule, which was 1993-94. Included are the games (Jan. 2 – NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia, Jan. 14 – Chicago vs. Detroit, Feb. 19 – San Jose vs. Detroit/St. Louis vs. Chicago/Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo). Playoffs not included.

1. NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia – 24 games
2. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia – 16 games
3. Detroit vs. Colorado – 15 games
t4. St. Louis vs. Detroit/NY Rangers vs. Boston/Detroit vs. Chicago – 13 games
7. Los Angeles vs. Anaheim –
12 games
t8. NY Rangers vs. Pittsburgh/Colorado vs. Dallas – 11 games
10. NY Rangers vs. New Jersey – 9 games
t11. Pittsburgh vs. Detroit/Boston vs. Pittsburgh/NY Rangers vs. NY Islanders/Detroit vs. Philadelphia/Chicago vs. St. Louis/Dallas vs. St. Louis – 8 games
t17. Pittsburgh vs. Washington – 7 games
t18. Los Angeles vs. Colorado/Detroit vs. NY Rangers/Los Angeles vs. San Jose – 6 games
t21. Florida vs. Tampa Bay/Detroit vs. Dallas/Chicago vs. Dallas/Boston vs. Philadelphia – 5 games
t25. Boston vs. Washington/Boston vs. Buffalo/Boston vs. Detroit/Colorado vs. St. Louis/Chicago vs. Colorado/Philadelphia vs. Colorado – 4 games
t31. San Jose vs. Anaheim/Colorado vs. San Jose/Phoenix vs. St. Louis/San Jose vs. Dallas/Chicago vs. Boston/Chicago vs. Pittsburgh/Los Angeles vs. Chicago/Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh/Washington vs. Florida – 3 games
t40. Chicago vs. Washington/NY Rangers vs. Florida/Philadelphia vs. Florida/Tampa Bay vs. Washington/St. Louis vs. Los Angeles/Phoenix vs. Dallas/Detroit vs. Minnesota/NY Rangers vs. Chicago/New Jersey vs. Philadelphia/Philadelphia vs. Tampa Bay/Colorado vs. Boston/St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh/Philadelphia vs. Buffalo/Los Angeles vs. Dallas/San Jose vs. Detroit – 2 games