Jeremy Roenick Signs 5-Year Deal With NBC

From James Mirtle of The Globe & Mail:

During a rare quiet moment in the day, he intimated that he’s adjusted to life off the ice just fine in the two years since retiring, recently signing a five-year deal with NBC to be one of the faces of the NHL’s new broadcast deal in the United States.


He’ll also likely be on television often in this country as part of CBC’s Battle of the Blades, reprising his role as a judge on the popular hockey-player-turned-figure-skater show.


So while some of Roenick’s running mates during his playing career such as Brendan Shanahan, Steve Yzerman and Joe Nieuwendyk have gigs with the league or as general managers, JR’s far more comfortable being this generation’s loudmouth TV personality.


Already tabbed as potentially becoming the American answer to Don Cherry, Roenick’s profile should soar to new heights given NBC’s 10-year deal with the league includes new pre- and postgame shows, 100 regular-season games and far more playoff coverage.


3 Responses to Jeremy Roenick Signs 5-Year Deal With NBC

  1. Adam says:

    This is great news! Big JR fan and I love his almost kid-like glee sometimes in the booth. Wears his emotion on his nicely-pressed suit sleeve.

  2. Terry says:

    Just another reason for me to never watch an NBC/VS/NBCSN/Whatever intermission. Their game presentation and announcers are very good but the intermissions are abominable. And comparing JR with Mr. Cherry is an insult…to Grapes.

  3. Christian T. says:

    So… how many times is he going to cry over this contract?

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