Tampa/Pittsburgh Game 7 Time Set

NEW YORK (April 26, 2011) – A starting time has been assigned to the Wednesday, April 27th Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh game 7 on the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Quarterfinals schedule. The start time of the game previously listed as “to be determined” has been set to 8:00 p.m. local/8:00 p.m. ET.

2 Responses to Tampa/Pittsburgh Game 7 Time Set

  1. marv935 says:

    If there is a game 7 in the boston-montreal series, will the time of that game be at 7 PM and will Versus be going with TB-Pit as the primary game or Bos-Mtl? It seems that Versus would do Bos-Mtl game 7 and doe TB-PIt as a joined in progress given that it would start one hour later

  2. Robert says:

    Big time applause for this decision. It helps those hockey fans in the Pacific and Mountain and Central timezones. Heck even those in Alaska.

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