Tentative NBC Schedule For the Stanley Cup Final

Oh, hullo there!

Thanks to The Futon Critic for all the info. Here’s the NBC portion of the dates for the Stanley Cup Final:

Game 1 – Saturday, June 4th
Game 2 –
Sunday, June 5th
Games 3 & 4 –
Tuesday/Thursday June 7th/9th or Wednesday/Friday June 8th/10th on VERSUS
Game 5 –
Sunday, June 12th
Game 6 –
Wednesday, June 15th
Game 7 –
Friday, June 17th

Games 5-7 if necessary. All the games are scheduled to air at 8PM ET/5PM PT. On the east coast, NBC will lead into the Sunday games with Dateline NBC.

5 Responses to Tentative NBC Schedule For the Stanley Cup Final

  1. Stephen says:

    All right. But if the Stanley Cup Playoffs ends on like on the last week of May, then the finals would probably start on the last Saturday of May.

  2. E says:

    It’s appalling that the hockey season ends in mid June.

    The NHL should end the regular season the first Sunday in April (like it was done years ago). Also have a couple of back to back games in the first round.
    The finals should start no later than Saturday, May 21.

    After Memorial Day, no one other than the hardcore fan wants to watch hockey.

  3. kevin says:

    NBC would never put the NHL on in prime time during the ratings sweeps month of May. The Final has to start the first week of June otherwise it would be on Versus entirely.

  4. Dave Sullivan says:

    If the Conf. Finals end early, it should look something like this:
    Game 1 Saturday, May 28 NBC
    Game 2 Monday, May 30 NBC
    Game 3 Wednesday, June 1 Versus
    Game 4 Friday, June 3 Versus
    Game 5 Sunday, June 5 NBC
    Game 6 Wednesday, June 8 NBC
    Game 7 Friday, June 10 NBC

  5. Dave Sullivan says:

    But this business of playing Games 1 & 2 back-to-back can’t continue in the next contract – whoever has it.

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