Your Announcers and Open Thread For Sabres-Rangers

Buffalo vs. NY Rangers, 7:00 PM ET, VERSUS (HD)
Play by Play:
John Forslund
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Inside the Glass: Brian Engblom

Ten Most and Least Watched VERSUS Games Through February

Top 10 Most-Watched VERSUS Games Through 2/28/11

1. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, 12/14/10 – 750,000 viewers
2. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, 10/7/10 – 730,000 viewers
3. Washington vs. Pittsburgh, 2/21/11 – 681,000 viewers
4. Montreal vs. Calgary, 2/20/11 – 608,000 viewers
5. NY Rangers vs. Detroit, 2/7/11 – 534,000 viewers
6. Boston vs. Pittsburgh, 1/10/11 – 523,000 viewers
7. Pittsburgh vs. NY Rangers, 2/1/11 – 460,000 viewers
8. NY Rangers vs. Washington, 1/24/11 – 458,000 viewers
9. Buffalo vs. Boston, 12/7/10 – 438,000 viewers
10. Colorado vs. Detroit, 10/12/10 – 432,000 viewers
10. Chicago vs. Colorado, 10/7/10 – 430,000 viewers

10 Least Watched VERSUS Games Through 2/28/11

1. Phoenix vs. St. Louis, 12/31/10 – 113,000 viewers
2. St. Louis vs. Colorado, 11/15/10 –
138,000 viewers
3. Minnesota vs. Columbus, 12/27/10 –
143,000 viewers
4. Los Angeles vs. Minnesota, 10/25/10 –
149,000 viewers
5. St. Louis vs. Nashville, 11/24/10 –
150,000 viewers
6. Los Angeles vs. Dallas, 1/17/11 –
151,000 viewers
7. Dallas vs. Carolina, 11/29/10 –
163,000 viewers
8. Boston vs. Tampa Bay, 11/22/10 –
167,000 viewers
9. Minnesota vs. New Jersey, 1/4/11 –
199,000 viewers
10. Boston vs. Tampa Bay, 12/2810 –
202,000 viewers


Jeremy Roenick to Reunite with Mike Keenan, Darren Pang on NHL Overtime This Week

Just as Jeremy Roenick begins his tenure on NHL Overtime (as I suspected, he is on the show three nights a week for the rest of the season beginning next week) he’ll be reuniting with a former teammate and a former coach over the next two nights.

Long-time NHL coach Mike Keenan will be on the panel tonight with Roenick and host Liam McHugh. Keenan coached Roenick in Chicago for four season (1988-92) before being fired after Roenick made derogatory comments regarding the coach, claiming that he “got rid of the players he didn’t get along with.” The two have since reconciled publicly, and this will be the first time they work together on television. Keenan will appear on the show sporadically through the end of the season.

Meanwhile, a formerly ubiquitous man on national television returns on Wednesday night, as Darren Pang will join McHugh and Roenick on Overtime. Pang and Roenick played together for a season in 1988-89, which was JR’s first and Panger’s last. Pang has been working for the St. Louis Blues the last couple of years, after a few in Phoenix. He worked for ESPN for over a decade prior to their losing broadcast rights after the lockout. He’s been with NBC sporadically since, is an analyst for TSN and worked one game for VERSUS last season. He is appearing only tonight for now. Overtime will be pre-empted on Thursday due to VERSUS airing UFC coverage.

Meanwhile, others joining the network here and there through the end of the season will be Detroit play-by-play man Ken Daniels, while aforementioned TSN play-by-play man Gord Miller will be around for at least another telecast with partner Pierre McGuire, while Mike Milbury will take Brian Engblom’s seat on Hockey Central on a fairly permanent basis, with Eddie Olczyk and Roenick appearing in that capacity as well as we head for the stretch run. Aaron Ward will appear a bit more on Overtime too.

One more minor VERSUS note, the network has added the March 31st Columbus-Washington game as a bonus telecast. FS Ohio (in Columbus) and CSN Mid-Atlantic (in Washington) will air the games in their respective markets. VERSUS now upps it’s total to 10 games in the final two weeks of the season.