Your Announcers and Open Thread For Day 31 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Chicago vs. San Jose, Game 1, 3:00 PM ET

National TV (US): NBC (HD)
Play by Play: Mike Emrick
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Inside the Glass: Pierre McGuire

National TV (Canada): TSN (HD)

Montreal vs. Philadelphia, Game 1, 7:00 PM ET

National TV (US): VERSUS (HD)
Play by Play: Joe Beninati
Color: Daryl Reaugh
Reporter: Bob Harwood

National TV (Canada): CBC (HD)
Play by Play: Bob Cole
Color: Gary Galley
Inside the Glass: Glenn Healy
Reporters: Elliot Friedman and Ron MacLean

9 Responses to Your Announcers and Open Thread For Day 31 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs

  1. Josh says:

    I am surprised TSN isn’t producing its own broadcast today, I have to admit. I know they usually go with NBC’s when that’s an option, but I figured that since they only have 3 games left, and since it’s the conference finals, it would be a TSN production.

  2. Colton says:

    TSN never gets a great audience for their NBC games. Lots of people in Canada watch the game on NBC and that really cuts into TSN’s viewership. Doesn’t surprise me that they won’t send a crew out there for this game.

    Hopefully they send a crew out for tuesdays game and not use Versus’ telecast.

  3. Trent says:

    The numbers have been good for the TSN-NBC games including a Sunday TSN-NBC game outdrawing the CBC own produced Saturday afternoon NBC game in Round 1.

    But you are right the audience does get split and really, the NBC play by play and production is top notch so not like it is a step down.

    Chris Cuthbert and Pierre are calling Games 2 & 3 on TSN with Ryan Rishaug as the reporter.

  4. leafsfan1967 says:

    >>Montreal vs. Philadelphia, Game 1, 7:00 PM ET
    >>National TV (US): VERSUS (HD)
    >>Play by Play: Joe Beninati

    Say it isn’t so…. PLEASE say it isn’t so…..


  5. Colton says:

    Who else would it be? The ranking seems to be Emrick and then Benninati, and then everyone else.

  6. Andrew says:

    Greatest broadcasting travesties of the playoffs? Under-use of Sam Rosen compared to over-use of Joe B and…NO sign whatsoever of Dave Strader, who is easily the second-best PxP guy in America!

    • canadiansportsfan says:

      I agree, I was really happy that TSN picked up the VS. feed for DET-PHX. Strader and Razor are two of the best. I’d say Strader is one of the top 5 hockey commentators overall (with Cuthbert, Hughson, Emrick and Cole), I might even consider him one of my two favourites.

      • nosferatu says:

        Strader’s a pro. It was kind of funny watching him on Coyotes broadcasts this season with Tyson Nash. Nash isn’t bad, but he’s a work in progress, and there were some funny gimmicks, such as bringing kids into the booth for portions of some games.

  7. Gumper says:

    That really burns me up that TSN uses the NBC feed since the converse never happens. Why cant Versus then pick up the CBC feed for a game? Seems to me once again US broadcasters tend to dictate what the entire world can see.

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