VERSUS Continues to Top Itself In February With Caps-Pens

February continues to draw great viewership numbers to VERSUS for their NHL telecast, and a boost from the NHL’s most-hyped rivalry certainly delivered.

The Monday night telecast of Capitals-Penguins, the network’s only broadcast of the made-for-TV rivalry this season, drew 681,000 viewers despite the absence of many of the usual stars on the Penguins side, according to Sports Business Daily. That number marks the third most watched game for VERSUS this season, and more encouragingly, in their history broadcasting National Hockey League regular season games. It also marks the first time since at least the lockout that two consecutive NHL cable broadcasts have gone over 600,000+ viewers.

It’s the third time this month alone that VERSUS has drawn it’s third most watched game this season, and the second consecutive night after Montreal-Calgary drew 608,000 viewers the night before. Four of VERSUS 10 most-watched games in 2010-11 have come in February, more than any other month this season. The top three most-watched VERSUS telecasts are now Penguins games, with half the top 10 are comprised of Pittsburgh match-ups, more than any other team. This is the second entry in the top 10 for Washington.

Top 10 Most-Watched VERSUS Games Through 2/23/11

1. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, 12/14/10 – 750,000 viewers
2. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, 10/7/10 – 730,000 viewers
3. Washington vs. Pittsburgh, 2/21/11 – 681,000 viewers
4. Montreal vs. Calgary, 2/20/11 – 608,000 viewers
5. NY Rangers vs. Detroit, 2/7/11 – 534,000 viewers
6. Boston vs. Pittsburgh, 1/10/11 – 523,000 viewers
7. Pittsburgh vs. NY Rangers, 2/1/11 – 460,000 viewers
8. NY Rangers vs. Washington, 1/24/11 – 458,000 viewers
9. Buffalo vs. Boston, 12/7/10 – 438,000 viewers
10. Colorado vs. Detroit, 10/12/10 – 432,000 viewers
10. Chicago vs. Colorado, 10/7/10 – 430,000 viewers

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