Great Moments From The NHL On FOX: Mike Peluso Cries, Wins Cup

One of the first things that ever turned us on to hockey was when our parents bought us the 1995 Devils Stanley Cup Championship video.  Within months, we were able to quote it to anyone who’d listen.  One of my favorite Devils on that team was Mike Peluso, and “Crash Line” mates Bobby Holik and Randy McKay.  They seemed to emphasize what the game was all about:  Being tough, but also being able to contribute offensively.

Anyway, in our clip today, John Davidson touchingly explains why Mike Peluso missed a shift in the clinching Game 4 of the ’95 Final series.  Enjoy, after the jump.

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Great Moments From The NHL On FOX: Owen Nolan’s Eyes Are Smiling


As a child of the 90’s, we were not as privileged as many of you are to have a photographic memory of FOX’s NHL coverage (we know, we’re jealous).  However, the little we do recall, we recall with fond memories of glowing pucks, James Brown, and – we’re being serious here – the best coverage the NHL has EVER had on national TV.  Maybe one day we’ll get into the long story of how FOX wanted to air the entire Stanley Cup Finals, but that’s for another time.  For now, enjoy our weekly feature, “Great Moments from the NHL on FOX”

We have an odd memory.  For some reason, we remember when we were but a young boy, hearing our mother talk about how former San Jose Sharks captain Owen Nolan was born in Ireland.  As a half-Irish boy myself, and knowing then (and knowing now) that our mother is the smartest person alive, we knew this was of some significance.
When we got a little older, we realized that it certainly is.  There are no other Irish hockey players (that I’m aware of), and Nolan actually is from Belfast, which is really in Northern Ireland, but we count it (though I’m pretty sure we should’nt.  Sorry mom.).  Anyway, here’s one of my favorite videos of all time, Owen Nolan scoring a pair (including his “called shot” hat-trick goal on Dominik Hasek) in 1997 NHL All-Star Game for hometown San Jose.  Glow puck!