Speaking of VERSUS: So, Apparently This is What We Missed the Past Couple Days

As VERSUS is the cable network devoted to the National Hockey League, we feel it is in every hockey fan’s best interest to know some of the non-NHL stuff that’s been going on at the network.  Every so often, we’ll update you on it with a segment called “Speaking of VERSUS”.

Yeah… we were going to comment about this, but then our modem died and with it, any chance of posting on Monday or Tuesday.  Sorry.  We did have a chance to take a full look into VERSUS’ new “Show Me Your ‘V'” campaign and, while it is well intentioned, it really should’ve been shot down on the brainstormer’s floor.  Some of the titles of various blog postings commenting on the campaign:

I personally got the biggest chuckle out of the last one, but we’re very crude.

Anyway, VERSUS is apparently trying to become more about peace and goodwill, which they show off in their “other”, less double entendre-laden promotion, unless you like a good Freddie Mercury joke.  We do.

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