Death of the Doubleheader

Look at that face.  Yipes.  Can you believe that face contained the voice of the NHL inside it.  Anyway, his face (sort of) brings me to the topic I discuss with you this morning.

Last night was a good one for hockey in my household.  The night before was, too.  Why, might you ask?  Well, because of the freak accident that I happen to live in an area with three New York-area teams, we had a doubleheader night.  Tuesday night, it was Devils-Leafs (and the occasional flip to Isles-Caps) and the Rangers-Ducks.  Last night, Devils-Sabres and Rangers-Kings.  All done without the help of illegal web streaming.

Which takes me to one of the (few) reasons I miss ESPN/ESPN2 as the cable home for the National Hockey League.  They used to show a ridiculous amount of doubleheaders.  We just don’t see that anymore in our game on TV.  The doubleheader is a puckhead’s dream.  6 hours of consecutive hockey.  But the lockout tapering off the fan’s apparent appetite for hockey has made the networks pensive towards airing any game west of Denver.

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