NBC Won’t Make Your Team Start Before 12 Noon Local Time. If You’re at Home.

One of the details of NBC umpteenth renewal of their NHL profit-sharing agreement that made the curious bystander worry was that NBC was announcing a consistent, Sunday 12:30 PM ET timeslot for all but two of it’s broadcasts.  The 1PM ET Winter Classic and the 2PM ET final day of the season broadcast are the only exceptions.

But, according to this schedule an HF poster put up, they will allow teams in the central time zone to start their games at Noon CT at latest.  Unfortunately, they will not be as flexible for a team in the Mountain/Pacific timezone being allowed to watch later in the day.  We’ll post the schedule after the jump.  Later today, however, we’ll revisit our predictions earlier in the season for NHL/NBC flex games, and see if they’ll still hold with the way the standings have gone.

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