NBC Can’t Use McGuire, Ferraro, Pang at 2010 Olympics

NBC had a pretty impressive broadcast team for hockey during the 2006 Torino Olympic Games.  Mike Emrick, John Davidson, Dave Strader,  Ray Ferraro, Pierre McGuire, Joe Micheletti, Bill Clement, Cammi Granato.  All of them provided terrific play-by-play and analysis for the sport, and were often quoted in NBC’s daily press releases of the best quotes from all their analysts.

Well, today TSN confirmed what had long been known for their teams for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics: Pierre McGuire and Ray Ferraro will be exclusive property of CTV/TSN, meaning neither of them can work for NBC.  Darren Pang, who has worked for NBC as well in the past, has also been signed by CTV/TSN.

It’ll be interesting to see how NBC works from here.  Emrick, Clement and Strader are all locks to return for Vancouver, and Eddie Olczyk seems a given, but there are still quite a few spots open.  Who do you all think should fill them?  After the jump is CTV/TSN/Sportsnet’s complete hocky coverage team for 2010.  Also included are their women’s hockey announcers and RDS’ staff.

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Cause We’re Kinda’ Bored: The 2010 Olympic Hockey Schedule

The opening game of the Winter Olympic Men’s Hockey Tournament is about 13-and-a-half months away.  In fact, this February, 12 teams are going to play a tournament to qualify for the final three spots in the whole shebang (USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Russia, Switzerland, Belarus, Slovakia have all qualified) and go 0-3 and straight home.  I’m particularly hoping Slovenia beats out Germany in it’s group, just so we can see Anze Kopitar instead of Marco Sturm (sorry, Marco Sturm).  

Anyway, the schedule (including game times) is up and available, so why not post it ihere, along with some analysis on the TV side (NBC does a fantastic job with hockey at the Olympics) and whatnot?  Well, enjoy after the jump.

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