Emrick’s Reaction to Hartnell’s Glove Throw: Priceless.

Mike Emrick is typically the consummate professional play-by-play man, simply describing what’s going on on the ice (with ample detail), but occasionally cracks a joke (usually in self-deprecation) and knows how to lighten the tone.

But rarely do you see him in the mode he was while calling the Tampa-Philly game on Tuesday: incredulous.  As many of you know, Scott Hartnell threw his glove at Ryan Malone while on a break-away, as you can see in replays on the video above.

Emrick’s reaction was hilarious, and showed off why – at times – you almost wish he’d call the game without an analyst, because you’ll certainly come away watching this remembering what Doc said, and not whoever the analyst was (Okay, it was Eddie Olczyk and we know it) had to say about it.

“You just don’t do that, it’s in the book!  It’s just an obvious, you don’t do that. There are specifics in the book that cover just that thing!”

Emrick then let Eddie O. get his opinion in and went back to doing what he does best: calling the game.  But we can’t say we didn’t enjoy the ol’ guy getting on a player’s case for doing something idiotic in a key situation.

Recommended View of the Afternoon: Brian Burke Makes VERSUS Intermission Tolerable

Videos are often a troublesome thing to post for us.  We’re usually unable to do it unless it’s a YouTube video.  Alas, we are in the situation now.  But, head over to VERSUS’ Website (If it’s not still on the front page, it’s surely on the NHL page by now) and check out Bill Patrick’s lengthy interview with Brian Burke.  It’s worth a watch, and it’s stuff like this that makes us wonder why VERSUS doesn’t give a nightly hockey show a try.  They obviously have the support of high-profile hockey people to help out with providing non-highlight material.  I’m just saying even four nights a week would be nice.  For now, enjoy this.

Give Me One Good Reason: Could Nashville-St. Louis be the worst “Game of the Week” in VERSUS History?

Give Me One Good Reason is a new weekly (notice I didn’t say semi-regular) in which we take a look at something we think is lame in the NHL and ask you to give us one reason to the contrary.

It’s a pretty barren hockey night overall.  But this is Tuesday, so VERSUS is contractually semi-obligated to show a game tonight.  They have chosen St. Louis-Nashville.  Now, to be fair, they really had no other choices.  Atlanta-Toronto and LA-Calgary are just as dead.  But to make the distinction of a game between a 3rd-place and 5th-place team, both with very little star power, as “The Game of the Week” is just ridiculous.  It’s partially the NHL’s fault for making up such a lame night, but still, VERSUS usually skips a Tuesday once a year, this couldn’t have been it?

So go ahead, Preds/Blues fans, give me one good reason to watch tonight’s game.  John Forslund, Eddie Olczyk and Bob Harwood have the call from the Sommet Center in Nashville at 7PM.  Please leave any good ones in the comments or E-Mail us at SMLepore@comcast.net.  We’ll post any good ones later in the day.

The Word of the Day is: Lindsay Soto. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

We were looking for a way to not make this gratuitous, but well, our first post on Ms. Soto was and is the most popular thing we’ve ever written on this site.  She will be reporting on tonight’s Washington-Minnesota game, with play-by-play man Joe Beninati and color analyst Darren Eliot.  We gave you some info, and showed a picture to give our readers more colorful detail of what’s happening.  If that isn’t journalism, we don’t know what is.  Enjoy the game.

Once Again, TV Networks: No. More. In. Game. Interviews.

We’ll update it later this morning with the YouTube highlights of the game, but VERSUS once again showed off how one of the more useless TV innovations ever brought to televised hockey – the in-game interview – can ruin a great scoring play, and just flat-out confuse viewers.  Here’s a link to VERSUS’ Website where it’s “The Player” is showing it front and center, but after the jump, a sumnation of VERSUS reporter Chris Simpson’s chat with Peter Chiarelli as Michael Ryder scored Boston’s game-winner against Toronto, joined in progress…

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