They Let Anyone In….Honest!

Have I mentioned they will let anyone on here?  Well welcome to the loony side of hockey life.

Have a drink on me!  It's Friday!

Have a drink on me! It's Friday!

Like I said…..if you thought the short week would be dull hockey wise….you are dead wrong!  What cracks me up is hearing Ranger fans thinking that the apocalypse is here.  The quote I heard from Derek Felix of New York Hockey Report summed it up succinctly.  “That Devils team is like Michael Myers.  They bounce back from an injury to their franchise player like no other and figure out a way to get the job done.  This is not like the New York Rangers who have the same stinking GM in Sather and a coach slow to adapt like Tom Renney.  It makes me sick.”

Now here is the reality.  The New Jersey Devils are only three points ahead of the New York Rangers.  Anything can happen and usually does over the last couple months of the season.  The playoffs are about 10 weeks away…scary isn’t it?   Just for example, did anyone have Boston as the “Beasts Of The East” at the start of the season?  Somehow I do not think anyone did.

Speaking of Boston and New Jersey…last night’s game was one of the more bizarre ones that I have seen in months.  The Devils were up 2-0 then down 3-2 and somehow found a way to win in OT 4-3.  Here is some video.

Note in the third period how weird this game gets.  Chuck Kobasew scores on a goal that no one can figure how they can rule it was in because on the ice it was originally ruled no goal.  Boston then ties it and goes ahead after a creative “acting job” by Marc Savard.  Then the Devils tie it at 3 as Elias has the puck bounce under his stick and off his skate into the net.  The Devils first two goals were bizarre as well with weird bounces everywhere.  The funniest thing is very late in this video….Zach Parise has a conventional chance with about :23 left in regulation and Tim Thomas stoned him…go figure!

The Devils won it in OT as Jamie Langenbrunner gets a fortunate bounce and an easy rebound to shovel it by a fallen Tim Thomas.  Games like this end very crazy and this one was no exception.  It reminded me of the mid November game in New Jersey between the Washington Capitals and New Jersey Devils that ended 6-5 in a shootout win for New Jersey.  To think the Caps tied that game with less than a second left before Scott Clemmensen (who gave up 5 goals)…figured out a way to stop Ovechkin and company on every one of their shootout attempts.

Doc Emrick almost got laryngitis during this game again.  Will he have enough left in the tank for tonight?  He may want to get that chloroseptic ready because Pittsburgh is in New Jersey tonight and anything can happen these days when it comes to the New Jersey Devils.

Note:  A hat tip to ESPN who had Steve Smith’s own goal to eliminate the Oilers in a Game 7 of the 86 playoffs against Calgary on their top 10 list of cruelest ways to lose this morning on Sportscenter. See ya later.

Devils’ Clemmensen Put on Gag Order

Look, we’re eternally grateful to Lou Lamoriello.  He gave us three championships, and a model of consistency that has given the hockey fans of New Jersey 18 seasons of playoff hockey in the last two decades.  But sometimes, he can be quite ridiculous as far as player access.  There is a well-known SI article depicting the Devil dynasty that quoted an ABC hockey person as saying they were sick of dealing with Lou.

Lamoriello has stepped back on the media unfriendly bandwagon, by placing a gag order on current starting goaltender (in the wake of Marty Brodeur’s injury) Scott Clemmensen.  From Rich Chere of the Newark Star-Ledger:


The rule, which began Wednesday in Buffalo and will continue, wasn’t instituted by the always-cooperative goalie. It was an edict from general manager Lou Lamoriello, who apparently felt Clemmensen’s performance in Toronto was affected by his interviews with the Canadian media prior to Tuesday night’s game at the Air Canada Centre.

“It wasn’t my decision,” Clemmensen revealed Friday morning. “It doesn’t matter to me. It’s a new rule from up top.”

Clemmensen will speak with reporters after morning skates, as he did Friday, but there are many mornings when the Devils have optional skates or no morning workout at all. That makes Clemmensen completely unavailable to the New Jersey media.


This is completely ridiculous, as it stems from a shootout loss won on a goal that would never happen in regulation play.  Plus, the Devils played awful in front of Clemmensen for most of that game.  Perhaps they should be put under the same rules?

However, I’m not the only one annoyed.  Chere, who has covered the team for 26+ years, has some shots for Lamoriello as well.

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Great Moments From The NHL On FOX: Mike Peluso Cries, Wins Cup

One of the first things that ever turned us on to hockey was when our parents bought us the 1995 Devils Stanley Cup Championship video.  Within months, we were able to quote it to anyone who’d listen.  One of my favorite Devils on that team was Mike Peluso, and “Crash Line” mates Bobby Holik and Randy McKay.  They seemed to emphasize what the game was all about:  Being tough, but also being able to contribute offensively.

Anyway, in our clip today, John Davidson touchingly explains why Mike Peluso missed a shift in the clinching Game 4 of the ’95 Final series.  Enjoy, after the jump.

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