Emrick’s Reaction to Hartnell’s Glove Throw: Priceless.

Mike Emrick is typically the consummate professional play-by-play man, simply describing what’s going on on the ice (with ample detail), but occasionally cracks a joke (usually in self-deprecation) and knows how to lighten the tone.

But rarely do you see him in the mode he was while calling the Tampa-Philly game on Tuesday: incredulous.  As many of you know, Scott Hartnell threw his glove at Ryan Malone while on a break-away, as you can see in replays on the video above.

Emrick’s reaction was hilarious, and showed off why – at times – you almost wish he’d call the game without an analyst, because you’ll certainly come away watching this remembering what Doc said, and not whoever the analyst was (Okay, it was Eddie Olczyk and we know it) had to say about it.

“You just don’t do that, it’s in the book!  It’s just an obvious, you don’t do that. There are specifics in the book that cover just that thing!”

Emrick then let Eddie O. get his opinion in and went back to doing what he does best: calling the game.  But we can’t say we didn’t enjoy the ol’ guy getting on a player’s case for doing something idiotic in a key situation.


The Happy Recap: In Which We Hyperventilate About a World Without Doc Emrick

The Happy Recap, a phrase we stole from legendary Mets announcer Bob Murphy, is now a new daily (!) feature at Puck the Media, where we recap our day, and talk about a subject that we enjoy talking about.  This one’s for us, but we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

We love Doc Emrick, yada yada yada, childhood memories.  Anyway, we found a pretty revealing interview with the doctor in, of all places, a small Indiana newspaper.  As many know, Doc grew up in Indiana.  Here’s what he told them, on his future:

“I still enjoy it and I have an understanding wife who allows me to keep doing it,” Emrick said on his cell phone as he was driving to the minor league game. “I’m going to keep going year-to-year. My contract (with Versus and MSG) runs out in two years, and then I’ll see how I feel about it.”

That’s right, Doc’s contract is up at the end of the 2009-10 season (and what we will soon dub The Greatest.  Hockey.  Year.  Ever.  But that’s later on).  That’s kinda’ scary to a lifelong Devils fan, and just a hockey fan in general.  We’re sure Doc won’t want to give it up that soon, but it does make us think.  Who would replace Doc at this point?  There really isn’t anyone waiting in the wings that really stands out.  So we ask you, the reader: Who’s ready to be the NHL’s #1 play-by-play man?  We’re interested to hear what you have to think.  Let us know, we’ll post some responses tomorrow.  Our simple name suggestions are below.  That, plus the day in “Puck the Media”, are after the jump.

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