Joe Beninati: Wowsers.

As you know from our interview with him, we like Joe Beninati quite a bit, but it took some time for us to get used to his phrasings.  Now that we’re hooked, something like the “Wow!” banter that he and analyst Craig Laughlin participated in 3 minutes into the highlight video of the Caps 6-4 win over the Ducks above overjoys us.  Though we can see where to another fan, it might be annoying.  But to you, we say this: “Wow!”

Seriously though, Laughlin’s sometimes grating voice aside, Beninati and “Locker” are one of the more fun-loving, entertaining duos throughout the league, and after Ralph and Razor and Doc and Chico, probably are the most engaging pair the NHL has on the local levels.


Puck the Media Interview: Joe Beninati

It took some time for VERSUS/Washington Capitals/College Football/Lacrosse/Anything Else play-by-play man Joe Beninati.  I suppose it does for any unfamiliar vocal performer, but for Mr. Beninati, some of his phrasings would catch me off guard for quite some time, and this is coming from someone who worships the work of Doc Emrick!

But, by the time this year rolled around, and I heard him calling the Boston-Colorado game opening night, Joe Beninati had become one of my favorite play-by-play men league wide.  Before that game, I asked him for an interview, and he graciously granted me his time and attention.  It’s a very in-depth, lengthy piece, in which he talks about growing up in New York during the Islander dynasty, favorite places his job has taken him, and what the Washington Capital renaissance has been like for a play-by-play man after the jump.

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