Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley Get in the Spirit of Awesomeness This Holiday Season

Now, it’s no secret that, if you’ve read this blog before, we like to have a bit of fun at the expense of Bruins play-by-play man Jack Edwards.  But that’s all it really is.  Just a little fun at the hands of a guy who is CLEARLY having tons of fun himself.

So, in the spirit of Christmas non-denominational holiday, we’d like to pay tribute to something that Edwards (along with partner Andy Brickley) did last night that was just, plain awesome.

It all stemmed from a blog posting Edwards wrote up at NESN.com, where he saw a couple of cancer patients getting a chance at calling a Montreal Canadiens game: 


“What the heck,” I thought, “we can do this because we have the world’s greatest cancer treatment center right in Boston.” 

We brainstormed the concept at last summer’s telethon with Jimmy Fund executive director Mike Andrews, and he was totally supportive. NESN’s executive vice president of programming and executive producer Joel Feld greenlit it from the get-go and pushed everyone to get it done. Senior producer Brian Zechello, director Rose Mirakian-Wheeler and my broadcast partner Andy Brickley all volunteered their full endorsements as soon as we brought up the idea. To the very last man and woman in our production team, there has been a Bruins-under-Julien type of buy-in.

We went to Jimmy Fund patient activity coordinator Lisa Scherber with a plan: We would need her to identify patients/candidates, then we would introduce them to our techniques, prep them with a visit or two to our Garden booth during Bruins games, and let ‘em rip alongside Brick on game night. She picked it up and skated the plan forward like Phil Kessel rushing up the wing, then banged bodies like Milan Lucic to achieve the goal. 


Uh, sure, just like that Jack.  But in all seriousness, a pretty sweet gesture.  NESN.com did a write-up about the two kids.

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Back to the Jack Well: Edwards’ Delivers the Goods in Call of Great Bruins-Hawks Game

Well, Jack Edwards certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor, nor his passion for the game.  His call of last night’s emotional Chicago-Boston thrill ride (Complete with the retiring of the #3 for Keith Magnunson and Pierre Pilotte) was terrific.  A few of my favorite, confusing lines:

-“Chara decked him like a dummy at a kid’s playground.”
-After Patrick Kane scores a goal: “Save the razor, the streak continues”.
-His enthusiasm after Khabibulin makes a high save in OT.

We’ve decided that, while sometimes he may go overboard, Jack Edwards is okay with us.  All we’re saying is, we won’t block you from the site if you vote for him in the Tournament of Announcers.

Jack Edwards Enjoys Hockey, Beating Up Dallas Stars

We’re not sure what to make of Jack Edwards often-times.  Occasionally, he’ll sound like a slightly Americanized Chris Cuthbert, with a cool-as-a-cucumber voice that can reach passionate levels at times.  Other times, well, he’s a Joe Biden-style loose cannon who’ll just say anything from his perch high above the rink to make fun of a player of the team opposing the Bruins (Whom he calls games for on NESN) he doesn’t like.

Saturday night saw the latter of those two Edwards’s.  Check out the video of the Stars-Bruins various casualties from that night post-jump. Read more of this post