Give Me One Good Reason: Could Nashville-St. Louis be the worst “Game of the Week” in VERSUS History?

Give Me One Good Reason is a new weekly (notice I didn’t say semi-regular) in which we take a look at something we think is lame in the NHL and ask you to give us one reason to the contrary.

It’s a pretty barren hockey night overall.  But this is Tuesday, so VERSUS is contractually semi-obligated to show a game tonight.  They have chosen St. Louis-Nashville.  Now, to be fair, they really had no other choices.  Atlanta-Toronto and LA-Calgary are just as dead.  But to make the distinction of a game between a 3rd-place and 5th-place team, both with very little star power, as “The Game of the Week” is just ridiculous.  It’s partially the NHL’s fault for making up such a lame night, but still, VERSUS usually skips a Tuesday once a year, this couldn’t have been it?

So go ahead, Preds/Blues fans, give me one good reason to watch tonight’s game.  John Forslund, Eddie Olczyk and Bob Harwood have the call from the Sommet Center in Nashville at 7PM.  Please leave any good ones in the comments or E-Mail us at  We’ll post any good ones later in the day.