What This Week Will Look Like (aka “A Programming Note”)

We’ll be doing a mad dash to vacation, in full-on blogging mode today-Wednesday (Including a Tournament of Announcers Post at 5:30).  Then we are taking the entire weekend off.  We’re not even gonna’ look at this thing.  Unless we get in that whole “Hey, the NHL should throw some more games on Thanksgiving” post mood.  Anyway, regular blogging today through Wednesday, then a bit of a break.  Here are the scheduled “Holiday Hours” for Puck the Media:

Thanksgiving: Off Thursday, Nov. 27 – Sunday, November 30
Christmas: Off Wednesday, Dec. 24 – Sunday, December 28 
New Year’s: Off Wednesday, Dec. 31 (Remember: Winter Classic Liveblog New Year’s Day!)

We hope those of you looking for some good hockey blogging this Sunday will enjoy reading Puck the Media.  Thanks for reading as always.