Buccigross to Call Frozen Four as Part of New ESPN Deal

The Frozen Four has a new voice behind the mic starting with the 2013 tournament in Pittsburgh, and televised NHL action remains without one of the best studio hosts it has ever had for at least five more years.

SportsCenter host John Buccigross will remain with ESPN for at least the next five years. During that tenure, he will continue to host SportsCenter and write his hockey column for ESPN.com. In addition to that, Buccigross will take over as the play-by-play voice for ESPN’s coverage of the NCAA Frozen Four hockey championships.

Buccigross had previously done NCAA regionals since 2006, while Gary Thorne had called the Frozen Four. Buccigross hosted NHL2Night from 1998-2004, during which the show was nominated for an Emmy. He currently hosts three hours of the mid-day SportsCenter.

9 Responses to Buccigross to Call Frozen Four as Part of New ESPN Deal

  1. Jason says:

    He’s horrible at play by play. His “shtick” is played and needs to leave the 90’s behind. He really isn’t relevant anymore but not by his doing. When u don’t have hockey on espn u forget to tune into espn for anything hockey. really don’t turn to see his blogs or highlights because TSN gives u everything. Steve levy would hav been a better choice. Though not sure why theyd not turn to the best of the best Gary Thorne.

  2. Sean says:

    Couldnt agree more. Haven’t logged on to espn.com for anything hockey in I don’t know how long. Never see him do anything on SC cause Im at work when he does the morning stuff. Regardless I see this as a blunder for them to have him do frozen four. He’s very dull. I thought maybe once NHL network moves to CT he maybe someone they’d poach to come over. Though my first choice would be Steve Levy to be host so maybe that could happen.

  3. kevin says:

    He’s awful…perfect for ESPN. He can do bowling in the offseason

  4. JJ says:

    Ha ha! U turn to this guy for play by plAy? R u kidding me? Like the other post he stinks! This is fn funny. No one comes close to Gary. Shot scoooooooore! there plenty of better choices. Also Mr. Lepore there were plenty of better studio guys for hockey,.. John Saunders from Toronto who loves hockey was much better. James brown on fox when he was studio guy. James Duthie, were all better. John buccigross was just weird and geeky.

  5. E says:

    I agree. He is awful. I am glad he doesnt do hockey anymore. Are there any good hosts out there who can do hockey? I do not like this guy Liam McHugh on NBC sports.

  6. Mike in Idaho says:

    I never liked Buccigross but I never watch ESPN either except for soccer so I guess I don’t care.

  7. kevin says:

    I thought this guy was ok until I saw him on skates one day. He could barely stand up. For a guy that is supposed to be the face of hockey that’s pretty lame. These TV people are all shtick….his favorite sport is probably soccer or something but ESPN told him he was the hockey “guy” so that’s what you get…..alot of lame jokes and obscure references. Most of these guys are just frustrated comedians from what I can tell……..

  8. Scott says:

    It seems like most of the comments on here always boil down to “I can’t stand anyone that talks about hockey.” I can’t judge him on SportsCenter as I gave up that ghost a while ago, but he comes across as intelligent, humorous, and passionate on twitter. No issues with him, and good for him.

  9. Gamma1099 says:

    The only negative thing I have to say about Bucci is that he is not good at play-by-play. But I think he has written entertaining columns, and his turns on the ESPN Hockey Today podcasts are pretty good.

    Yes, we all loved Gary & Bill on ESPN2 back in the 90’s, but if you listen to his play-by-play on the Frozen Four recently, Thorne is not as good as we remember.

    Sean, you may want to read Pierre LeBrun’s and Craig Custance’s work on ESPN.com. They are good writers. Scott Burnside, not so much.

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