NBC’s Preakness Policy In Effect This Saturday

For the second time this year, hockey will lead into horse racing. NBC has laid out a similar plan from the Kentucky Derby for the second leg of the triple crown, the Preakness.

According to an NBC Sports spokesperson, Game 3 between the Rangers and Devils in the Eastern Conference Final will air on NBC, starting at 1:00 p.m. ET. NBC will stick with the game through two potential overtimes. If the games goes to a third overtime, viewers in the New York market will stay with the game until a winner is decided. The rest of the country will need to switch over to CNBC for the rest of the game, while viewers in New York who really want to see horsies can see that on CNBC.

There is currently no alternate solution for viewers in Baltimore, who see Preakness coverage all day on their NBC affiliate as the home market to the race. That said, the game will be streamed on NBCSports.com, but if I hear of an alternate solution, I’ll pass it along.

9 Responses to NBC’s Preakness Policy In Effect This Saturday

  1. kevin says:

    I don’t see 3 OTs for this game. No way………….

  2. Eric says:

    because you must have that crystal ball…

  3. kevin says:

    Brodeur is so washed up it ain’t happening…………

  4. mcmanaman says:


  5. E says:

    Only in hockey do they need a contingency plan to move a playoff game to another channel.
    can you ever imagine this happening in baseball, football, or basketball?

    • nosferatu says:

      Those other sports are quite different and MUCH less likely than hockey to go well over the expected time frame. I suppose baseball might be most likely (esp. with long Red Sox/Yankees games), but those are almost exclusively played at night in the postseason, so again, the potential conflicts are eliminated.

    • morganwick says:

      And CNBC > old Versus.

  6. dyhrdmet says:

    i would have figured that one of WNBC’s other digital channels would have the ponies if it came to that. interesting to see that NBC would give up all of the pre-race coverage to stay with OT hockey.

  7. iggy. says:

    Baltimorians can usually pull in the D.C. stations

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