FRIDAY: Phoenix/Nashville Continues to Struggle

Game 5 numbers from Predators/Coyotes should be available, but Game 4 numbers from the weekend show this as a series still struggling to gain traction since it shifted from Phoenix to Nashville.

Game 4 between Phoenix and Nashville drew 660,000 viewers on NBC Sports Network. While that’s up huge from Game 3, which drew one of the lowest numbers of the playoffs during the Triple-OT Rangers/Caps game, it failed to match the numbers from Games 1 & 2 despite facing no other NHL competition.

The series should gain a few more viewers from an OT lead-in from the Rangers and Capitals on Monday night.

Predators-Coyotes Western Conference Semifinal Viewership
Game 1 (NBC Sports Network):
Game 2 (NBC Sports Network):
Game 3 (CNBC):
Game 4 (NBC Sports Network):

(Source: @SonoftheBronx)


5 Responses to FRIDAY: Phoenix/Nashville Continues to Struggle

  1. kevin says:

    It’s over….don’t worry about it.

  2. E says:

    NBC is getting on it’s knees and praying for LA to beat Phoenix. They do not want Phoenix in the finals.
    Worst case scenario for finals is NJ Devils- Phoenix Coyotes.
    Best case is NY Rangers-LA Kings

  3. kevin says:

    Actually neither of these teams brings anything to the table as far as TV goes. However, Phoenix is a much bigger TV market than Nashville so as far as NBC is concerned the right team won……..

  4. DFash says:

    Most Nashville fans couldn’t find the games, especially Game 3. Apparently Comcast’s Guide was showing that something other than the game was on.

  5. kevin says:

    Can’t believe they could be that stupid in Nashville…..yes I can

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