Coyotes/Preds Goes Largely Unnoticed During Overtime Wednesday

You could perhaps excuse some folks for not being able to get into the game between the Coyotes and Predators on Wednesday, but the number that their tilt in Nashville drew was kind of stunningly low.

Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinal between Phoenix and Nashville drew just 231,000 viewers on CNBC Wednesday, marking the second-lowest numbers of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The numbers can be explained with the game ending before the Rangers-Capitals triple-overtime classic did (while drawing 1.9 million viewers), but still, to get that low a numbers is somewhat shocking.

Coyotes/Predators return to NBC Sports Network for at least the next two games, so numbers should be a bit larger.

(Source: Son of the Bronx)

8 Responses to Coyotes/Preds Goes Largely Unnoticed During Overtime Wednesday

  1. kevin says:

    That means there are only 230,000 people in Nashville and Phoenix that have any interest in this game? I’m not surprised. There are probably no more than 50,000 fans in each city. Hopefully these two teams are eliminated by the next round…………….

  2. E says:

    This does not surprise me at all. NBC is going to be praying for LA to win the next series against either of these teams. St Louis vs Rangers would have been the optimal choice, but, very dissapointing performance from the Blues this round has ended that hope.

    • eddie says:

      The only thing that could slow down is if the lakers. Keep moving forward if they get knocked out. La will rally around the kings. It is a trendy town. Though, with some people talking about nbcsn’s distribution problems that doesn’t have me excited. Except, when they air nationally on the mother channel. Interested to see saturday’s rating granted it is a 3-0 series now. So maybe the ratings won’t be great.

  3. Farmer Iggy says:

    I switched over during the Caps/Rangers first OT intermission and fell asleep.

  4. Farmer Iggy says:

    I switched over after the 3rd period of the Caps/Rangers game, and fell asleep.

  5. eddie says:

    Ouch for these ratings! I would expect 400 000.

  6. DM says:

    It also didn’t help that this game was largely uninteresting for the most part.

  7. Kevin says:

    Not a big deal. This is expected when you had the other game on. I’m guessing most of that 230 is from Nashville and Phoenix. Every other hockey fan that was watching the playoffs had the Rangers/Caps game on.

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