Game 2 of Devils/Flyers Hits 1.29 Million

The Eastern Conference Semifinals continues to roll in the big numbers for NBC Sports Network.

Game 2 of the New Jersey/Philadelphia series drew 1.29 million viewers to NBCSN on Tuesday night, the third-highest number of the playoffs on cable. Only Game 2 between the Rangers and Capitals on Monday has been higher in round two. The game was up a whopping 152% from Caps/Lightning Game 3 on last year’s comparable date, though that game was not exclusive.

Locally, the game hit a whopping 12.4 in Philadelphia, the best number for a semifinal game in the market, and up 55% from Game 2 between the Bruins and Flyers last year, which drew an 8.0. In the New York market, the Devils hit a 1.3 rating, which is the highest number for the Devils in the market on record.

With both Eastern semis tied at one, expect more big numbers from each as we roll along with exclusive audiences. To date, the Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Semifinals are up 13% on NBCSN vs. VERSUS last year, averaging a little over a million viewers each night.

Top 10 Most-watched Games of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Cable

1. Washington vs. NY Rangers, Game 2 (4/30/12, NBCSN): 1.53 million
2. Washington vs. Boston, Game 7 (4/25/12, NBCSN):
1.32 million
3. New Jersey vs. Philadelphia, Game 2 (5/1/12, NBCSN):
1.29 million
4. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 5 (4/20/12, NBCSN):
1.07 million
5. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Game 4 (4/18/12, NBCSN): 1.03 million
6. Ottawa vs. NY Rangers, Game 7 (4/26/12, NBCSN): 984,000
7. New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 7 (4/26/12, NBCSN):
8. NY Rangers vs. Ottawa, Game 6 (4/23/12, NBCSN):
9. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 1 (4/11/12, NBCSN):
10. Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 5 (4/22/12, NBCSN): 817,000

(Source: @NBCSportsPR)

7 Responses to Game 2 of Devils/Flyers Hits 1.29 Million

  1. kevin says:

    The Devils have no fans……please get rid of this team.

    • Kevin says:

      No fans? They have more fans then teams like the Panthers, Blue Jackets, Stars, Coyotes, Hurricanes, Ducks and the Islanders. Do something with those teams first.

  2. kevin says:

    All those teams can draw more that 13,000 on most nites. Either there are no Devils fans or they are incredibly cheap

  3. E says:

    If the Islanders had a contending team, they would draw more than the Devils. When the Devils made it to the finals, they always had trouble selling out. The devils should move to another city.

    • Kevin says:

      So, the Islanders “would” draw more than the Devils, so let’s move the Devils. Yeah, that’s how the NHL makes its decisions.

      At the end of the day, they did sellout, and they’ve sold out every game during these playoffs.

      The only teams that might move right now are the Coyotes, Stars and Blue Jackets. That’s about it. Everybody else is staying right where they are right now.

  4. kevin says:

    What he said………………

  5. Kevin says:

    This is extended local information from Philadelphia for this game (From Philly(dot)com).. All 3 teams (Sixers, Flyers and Phillies) played on Tuesday @ the same time

    Flyers on NBC Sports Network (7:30p-10:15p) – 12.4 rating, 19 share, 372,000 households and 607,000 viewers

    Sixers on TNT (8:15-10:45p) – 2.2 rating, 3 share, 67,000 households, 95,000 viewers 

    Sixers on CSN-PH (8:00p-10:30p) – 1.6 rating, 2 share, 49,000 households, 56,000 viewers 
    Sixers on combined TNT/CSN-PH – 116,000 gross households and 151,000 gross viewers 

    Phillies on TCN (7:00p-10:00p) – 4.8 rating, 8 share, 145,000 households and 194,000 viewers

    Sixers (combined TNT/CSN-PH) and Phillies (on TCN) combined ratings: 261,000 households, 345,000 viewers.

    The Flyers had almost DOUBLE the amount of viewers of the Sixers and Phillies COMBINED. Not only that, but the Flyers lost 4-1, while the Sixers won their game, and the Phillies made a late comeback to win. Still, more fans were interested in the Flyers game.

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