Preds/Coyotes Game 1 Up Big From 2011

While no one expected the Nashville Predators and Phoenix Coyotes to burn a hole in the atmosphere in terms of ratings, the numbers certainly could have been worse, and were actually an improvement from Nashville’s 2011 playoff numbers.

Game 1, which saw the Coyotes get the first of two consecutive wins over the Predators, drew 767,000 viewers on Friday over at NBC Sports Network. While it falls 1,000 viewers short of hitting the top ten viewership numbers for post-season games, it is up a whopping 58% over last year’s Game 1 between Nashville and Vancouver, which drew 484,000 viewers.

What’s much more impressive, however, is that Predators/Coyotes was up 5% from last year’s comparable Stanley Cup Playoff date on VERSUS, which featured an exclusive game between Washington and Tampa Bay that aired in both home markets, a game that drew 724,000. Nashville/Phoenix also drew better numbers than the late Detroit/San Jose game, which was blacked out locally that night and drew 608,000 viewers.

A lot of people doubted me when I said over on Twitter that round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs would show growth over last year, but one night in, perhaps the post-season’s biggest question mark of a series is showing gains year-to-year over two of the more high profile series from last year. Hopefully the Preds stay a live and make it a competitive series so things will grow a bit.

(Source: @TVSportsratings)

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