Rangers/Sens Draws Big Numbers on Monday; Coyotes/Hawks Hits CNBC High

For a while in the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the ratings story read that it was basically Penguins/Flyers… and then everyone else. Everyone else is starting to catch up as the Conference Quarterfinals come to a close.

Monday night’s broadcast of Game 6 between the Rangers and Senators – in which New York forced Game 7 – drew 861,000 viewers, the third-highest numbers so far on cable for round one. The previous high for the series was Game 2 (4/14/12: 708,000). It is now in the category of most-watched non-Pens/Flyers game of the first round.

Meanwhile, the Coyotes elimination of the Blackhawks drew good numbers later on in the evening for CNBC. The Game 6 clincher scored 621,000 viewers. That marks the most viewers for a CNBC game so far this post-season. It’s the second-highest rated game of the series, as Game 2 also was tops in this set (4/14/12: 725,000) though that game was exclusively on NBCSN in the Phoenix market.

NBC will benefit over the next couple of days, with three Game 7’s across the networks, but they likely can’t help but be thrilled with what they’ve seen so far.

Top 10 Most-watched Games of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Cable

1. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 5 (4/20/12, NBCSN): 1.07 million
2. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Game 4 (4/18/12, NBCSN): 1.03 million
3. NY Rangers vs. Ottawa, Game 6 (4/23/12, NBCSN): 861,000
4. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 1 (4/11/12, NBCSN):
5. Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 5 (4/22/12, NBCSN): 817,000
6. Boston vs. Washington, Game 3 (4/16/12, NBCSN): 804,000
7. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 2 (4/13/12, NBCSN): 795,000
8. New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 2 (4/15/12, NBCSN): 768,000
9. Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 4 (4/18/12, NBCSN): 748,000
10. Chicago vs. Phoenix, Game 2 (4/14/12, NBCSN): 725,000

(Source: @SonoftheBronx)


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9 Responses to Rangers/Sens Draws Big Numbers on Monday; Coyotes/Hawks Hits CNBC High

  1. Kevin says:

    Along with the Rangers local ratings that I commented in the last post, you could put up a post about the Rangers/Devils/Knicks MSG Network situation on Thursday.

    Today they confirmed that the Rangers Game 7 will be on MSG. Devils Game 7 will be on MSG+ and the Knicks game will be put on channel 9. Some good news for hockey fans, MSG finally got one right. Game 6 had a 4.27 HH rating, 5.99 peak. The Knicks ratings this year without Lin, are around a 1.5.. Not even close to what the Rangers are getting for the playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Devils went higher than a 1.5 on Thursday.

    I think they had to put the Devils on MSG+. They have the main rights to that channel as MSG kept the contract they previously had with FSN. MSG+ is still FSN, just with a different name after MSG took control of it. But it’s great that they dropped the Knicks game down so that they could put the Rangers on the main channel.

  2. kevin says:

    It would be nice if at least Boston or NYR get thru to the next round…the “exclusive” numbers will be great

    • Kevin says:

      The East will be great if the Rangers, Bruins and Devils move on. That would set up Rangers/Devils and Bruins/Flyers for Round 2. Both great match-ups. And if the Rangers beat the Devils, that would set up a BIG Conference Final. Doesn’t matter who wins the other series. A Rangers/Bruins or Rangers/Flyers series would bring in big numbers for NBC. Much better than Bruins/Lightning from last year.

      The West is terrible. I guess the best case scenario is Blues/Predators Conference Final. It would be embarrassing for the NHL if the Coyotes go to the Conference Final or SC Finals and then move next year or the year after. The Blues have a solid fanbase. They’ll do better in the US than Vancouver did last year. They’ve been around for awhile and their numbers wouldn’t be that bad.

      I think Rangers, Bruins or Flyers vs. the Blues or Kings would do better Finals numbers than last year. Especially if they go to a Game 7.

  3. eddie says:

    Glad to see NYR stepping up and this is with a canadian team. The momentum continues to build. I hope boston, nyr and jersey make it.

  4. eddie says:

    Also cnbc must be excited their getting double the ratings they would normally get with another show. Viewers are finding that channel and goes to show you how much of a appeal chicago has.

    • Kevin says:

      Double? More like 3 or 4 times as many viewers for the last couple of games they had. It’s great for their numbers. It’s not surprising nobody watches them though. CNBC and MSNBC are just as bad as FOX, just with the opposite view.

      • Ryan says:

        This isn’t really the place to talk politics, but if you think CNBC has a liberal point of view or even talks politics at all, you’re quite misinformed.

  5. colton says:

    New York market had over 320,000 households watching game 6. So that’s about 1.4 million viewers total, with a canadian team with no following in the usa. Pretty good.

    • eddie says:

      So if you tack this onto the 800 000 already for that game 6. Plus, if this was philly tack even more. Things are setting up real nice.

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