Bruins-Caps Viewership Marks 15 Year Playoff High

The Bruins at Capitals Game 6 last Sunday on NBC drew 3.52 million viewers, making it the most-watched NHL Playoff game (excluding Stanley Cup Final games) in 15 years, since May 25, 1997 (Rangers-Flyers Conference Final game, Fox, 3.61 million viewers).

The 3.52 million for Bruins-Capitals is the most-watched early-round NHL Playoff game in Nielsen People Meter history (dating back to 1993).

Boston (16.3 rating) and Washington, D.C. (8.6) both registered the best rating for an NHL playoff game, excluding Stanley Cup Final games, in their respective local markets in Nielsen People Meter history (dating back to 1993).

VIEWERSHIP ON NBC SPORTS NETWORK UP 17%: Through 12 days, and with one Game 6 and at least two Game 7s (possibly three) remaining, average viewership of the NHL Quarterfinals on NBC Sports Network is up 17% compared to the same days last year (691,000 vs. 591,000).

TOTAL VIEWERSHIP OF NHL PLAYOFFS UP 37%: *Nearly 23 million viewers (22.76 million) have watched the NHL Playoffs on NBC, NBCSN, and CNBC through Sun 4/22, up 37% from the same period last year (16.577 million).

*Please note that this data goes through Sunday, April 15 on NBC and Sunday, April 22 on NBCSN/CNBC


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5 Responses to Bruins-Caps Viewership Marks 15 Year Playoff High

  1. bubblescreen says:

    I live in DC. It’s amazing what a couple wins will do. I went to the Leafs/Caps game here when they were fighting for the playoffs….no life in the Phone Booth. I was at Game 6…incredible. Even made the front cover of the newspaper Monday morning.

    If Im Gary Bettman, Im rooting for the Caps. The DC market is DYING for a championship team. Redskins stink. Wizards are the Wizards. Nationals are good but young. Caps have potential here.

    • bomber says:

      No offense to the Caps but Boston is the hub of hockey. NBC will be doing somersaults if the Bruins advance.

  2. E says:

    Losing the Chicago and Detroit market in the Western conference will definitely have an impact on the ratings. The league definitely wants Boston and NY to win their game 7s. If they don’t, we may see a Stanley Cup final between Nashville and Florida.

  3. kevin says:

    I think you will most likely see a worst case scenario of Philly vs Stl/LA which wouldn’t be too bad actually….better than Bos/Van which did rather well

  4. kevin says:

    Actually I think the Final will do fine on TV….I can’t see Bos and NYR both losing in the first round. At least one of those teams will go thru so more than likely you will see Phil/Bos/NYR in the East…and the West has four American teams as opposed to Vancouver last year. Plus three of those teams are major TV markets…LA, Phoenix and St Louis. If one of those teams makes the Final it will produce decent ratings. It would do better numbers than last year which were pretty good.

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