Pens/Flyers Blowout Hits Playoff High

The Pens and Flyers cracked a million viewers on NBC Sports Network last night, well ahead of when last year’s first round hit the million mark.

Game 4 between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia drew 1.03 million viewers on NBCSN Wednesday night, and tied for seventh on cable (with a lot of other things) for the night with an 0.5 among adults 18-49. This is up 66% from last year’s comparable telecast (WSH/NYR, Game 4: 619,000). It marks the first time since the All-Star Game that a hockey game on cable has topped a million viewers. It is also the most-watched game of the series on cable, after Game 3 drew 3.08 million viewers on NBC.

Meanwhile, NBC Sports Network benefited from having exclusivity in the Los Angeles market, drawing 748,000 viewers for a nationwide broadcast of Game 4 between the Canucks and Kings. It was actually down 1,000 viewers from Sunday’s Game 3, which wasn’t exclusive in Los Angeles. This was up 52% from last year’s comparable telecast (DET/PHX, Game 4: 491,000). So far, Penguins/Flyers and Kings/Canucks has accounted for six of the top eight most-watched playoff games on cable.

Top 10 Viewership Numbers for the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Cable

1. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Game 4 (4/18/12, NBCSN): 1,030,000
2. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 1 (4/11/12, NBCSN):
3. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 2 (4/13/12, NBCSN): 795,000
4. New Jersey vs. Florida, Game 2 (4/16/12, NBCSN): 768,000
5. Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 3 (4/16/12, NBCSN): 749,000
6. Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 4 (4/18/12, NBCSN): 748,000
7. Nashville vs. Detroit, Game 4 (4/17/12, NBCSN):
8. Los Angeles vs. Vancouver, Game 2 (4/14/12, NBCSN): 622,000
9. Washington vs. Boston, Game 1 (4/12/12, NBCSN): 576,000
10. Chicago vs. Phoenix, Game 1 (4/12/12, NBCSN): 499,000

(Source: TV By the Numbers)


8 Responses to Pens/Flyers Blowout Hits Playoff High

  1. Jason says:

    WWF gets 4.3 million viewers and their other show gets 2+ mill. And that other wrestling show non wwf gets 1.1 mill viewers. Kinda sad when u think about it. Just came across a tweet mocking NHL ratings

    • Kevin says:

      WWE is a scripted show. It’s not a live sporting event. So compare it to other scripted show and it’s ratings are pretty bad. It still beats out most actual sports events but that’s like saying American Idol has more viewers than an NBA Finals game. It’s irrelevant information.

      The good thing, is that unlike most of the sports leagues in this country, the NHL is actually growing in popularity. While most are losing fans. More people are watching the NHL than ever before, and it will continue to grow.

  2. You were plugged like wooaaahhh on Philly’s 94 WIP…just sayin. That is why I am here. That is why I am now following.

  3. kevin says:

    WWE is 4.3 million 13 yr olds…check out the commercials….gum…twizzlers…acne medicine. No one of any use is watching wrestling…….

  4. kevin says:

    good for you…………

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