NHL Live Takes On the Torres Hit

Tonight, on the NBC pre-game show NHL Live, analysts Keith Jones and Mike Milbury sounded off on Raffi Torres’ vicious hit that knocked Marian Hossa out of Game 3 in the Coyotes-Blackhawks series. Here are some of the more notable comments:

Keith Jones: “Raffi Torres is a repeat offender. He’s a hit-first player, no question about that. But he’s a hit-high-first player, and that has to be removed from his game.”

Mike Milbury: “This one may be the one that says, ‘Hey, boys, we’re towing the line here. It’s time to get a little more serious about how we play this game.’”

Keith Jones: “It kind of falls into the Matt Cooke department where Matt Cooke has figured it out. This season he had a very good season, a very productive season, but hasn’t been running around taking people’s heads off. It took a substantial suspension to Matt Cooke last season. I think it was over 15 games. That’s what has to happen to Raffi Torres. In the point system, he’s way down on the list. He is in big trouble as far as suspension goes, and he should be. That type of hit and that type of player doesn’t need to be in the National Hockey League.”

Mike Milbury: “I think this one sends a statement. Why we got here is almost a tribute to players, in some ways, because they’re passionate. It’s also an indictment of them because they haven’t been able to control themselves to the point where they’re going to be suspended one game after another.”

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